Medemer and Ethiopia First: The same concept? A conversation with Historian Ibrahim Mulushewa



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Medemer and Ethiopia First: The same concept? A conversation with Historian Ibrahim Mulushewa



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commenter - 968 days ago
Oromo politics,

Oromo political elites and activists are cowards!
As Amhara activist, I spent my time defending the people of Oromo and the people Amhara against chauvinists and radical ethnic nationalists.

The entire Oromo politics is built on hating Amhara, recently things have improved but the hate still there.
My point is... we have been hearing from Oromo medias that 1.7 million Oromos have been displaced from Somali region and many Oromos have been killed almost everyday for the past months or years, imagine if this was from Amhara region?

Let us be honest, not a single Oromo has been displaced from Amhara region,
in fact.. for the past decades during Derg or Hailesilasie, never 1.7 million Oromos ever displaced,
and yet, Oromo activists and political elites avoid talking about the atrocious crimes committed by Somali region but they bashing on Amhara all the time, hypocritical cowards!

Where is the coward OLF?
when innocent poor Oromos have been massacred in Meyu-Muluqe woreda?
I feel helpless, I know those villagers Miskin welcoming people,
OLF was brave when it came to Bedeno or Arbagugu on innocent Amhara people,
how can 50 or 40 million oromos threatened by a small number of Liyu police?
I am not declaring war, but the killing has to stop either by hook or by crook.
commenter - 972 days ago
Last week, FLA News reported that Melissa Howard, a Republican running for Florida House of Representatives District 73, did not have a degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, as she said she did in her candidate bio.

LiqeMember Tamagn Beyene and the TRUST.
commenter - 973 days ago
Shock and tremor is everywhere. The acceptance phase is amazing. It is all resemblance to the Germany of the 90s.

Amused fo4 chewa sibllings of mix of Jawar. Keep up. Tell the children the truth.

God Bless The Stitched Hands of Ethiopia.
commenter - 974 days ago
Medemer VS Etiopia Tiqdem

[Medemer] is more inclusive, you join the Medemer club by your own freewill, more democratic.

[Etiopia-Tiqdem] is an order, less democratic, divisive, when you say Tiqdem before who? before other countries? before religion or God? before humanity? Tiqdem at what cost? it would have been clear if Ekulinnet yiqdem, humanity yiqdem, etc.
commenter - 974 days ago
ኣንተ የዋልያ ቂጥ ነህ::