ፎረም 65፦ ባለኮከብ ወይስ ልሙጥ? #Ethiopia #Forum65



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የባንዲራ ፣ ወይም ሰንደቅ ኣላማ ጉዳይ ከሚያወዛግቡን አንዱ ነው። ይፋዊውን ባለኮከቡን ወይንስ ልሙጡን ባንዲራ ይደግፋሉ? ሁለት እንግዶች ከአዲስ አበባ ጋብዘናል። እንግዶቻችን አቡበከር አለሙ (የቀድሞው የሙስሊሞች ጉዳይ መፅሄት መጣጥፍ አዘጋጅ) እና ይድነቃቸው ከበደ የፓለቲካ አክቪስት ናቸው።



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commenter - 980 days ago
Last week, FLA News reported that Melissa Howard, a Republican running for Florida House of Representatives District 73, did not have a degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, as she said she did in her candidate bio.
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የዛሬይቱን ኣዲሳባ መቸም ተዊንጌት ጎድን የሰራት ልጅ መለሰ ዜና ነው:: ዋናው ጉዳይ ኮከብ ገለመለ ሚባል ነገር ትተን ወዴፊት መራመድ ነው:: ጨርቁን እኮ ሰው ፊት ቢሰግዱለት ዲንገት በቤትዎ ታጥር ጀርባ ኣርዎትን ጠርገውበት የሚያይ የላይኛው ውይንም እግሩ ስር ኣንበሳው ነው::
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ውግዘት ወይንም MANIFESTO

ለ Georgia Avenue job scammers ወይንም Lampedussa niggards ወይንም ያጎበደደ የተቀጠረ የቀጠረ ነፍሰ ጋዳይ ሁሉ..... ኣንተ የዋልያ ቂጥ ነህ .........ታትሞበታል::

ኣንደኛ Mrs Afewerki tax scheme
ሁለተኛ Ato Mulu Kassa የተባለ የስትንፋስ ሃኪም ወይንም ጠላት
ሰዎስትኛ Ato Samson የተባለ ቁስለኛ ነቀዝ
ኣራተኛ ID theft ring which is headquartered at US Capitol or Richmond, VA Capital One DICKTOWER

commenter - 982 days ago
መቶ ኣመት
ይምራሀነ ጠዋት
ይምሃረነ ማታ
ፓትረያርክ IV
ፓትረያርክ VI
ኣንድ ኣርጊን ልዴታ
ቲኖር ኢትዮጵያው
ቲሞት ኢትዮጵያ
ጅግጅጋ ተሆነ
ኣብይ ኣመድ ሆነ

I do not like zelabidos tricks and bad habits of cyber criminals or organized goatholes who conspire to gain access any way they are created depraved, dedeb or assholes. They found safe haven in western countries where both white and black bad guys kill for hot dog or prevent course of justice on scam targets they must take down n the absence ot the true vurtue of senate like AAU which would do either good to protect or bad to gain visa to glitters like Harvard, Howard or Yale, where all the three are piece of garbage to Oxford or Haromaya Ethiopian University or others.

But I say the forum has no merit to discuss or tax about the colors. Wake up and think. YOU HAVE GRANDEUR.

You kill to look like George Washington University student? You are punk ass.

Melkte Wehannis is ten times David stone than 100 bad senators who pickpocket and help five bad guys who got dismissed or did not have chance to get into or graduate. The senator made 100 pieces of garbage. The displacement costed USA cool and sweet 21 trillion. The grandeur continued. See ya at sweet $40 trillion and great nation of CUBA.
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commenter - 983 days ago
ልሙጡ ባንዲራ
commenter - 983 days ago
Breaking news

Ermias Legesse has joined OMN,
I remember Jawar himself said(Poletikegna mallet negadde naw, Gebeya yallebet naw yemihedew),
Ermias is well trained cadre and cadre means prostitute.
with one Jawars speech.. Ato Ermias is in love with Jawar, but how long it took him to trust Dr Abiy?
Ermias is entitled to his opinion, but why he tried to load his opinion onto his colleagues? a dictator!
None of the chauvinists speak afan Oromo, basically they are deaf.
Even Dr Merera speeches in afan oromo is different from Amharic and he supposed to be the leader of Medrek party. For example, he uses the word [Menelikawiyanoch], this kind of words expected from ordinary activists, not from the leader of coalition party.
What did Jawar said in the recent oromos meeting in Germany? he said they must not miss this big opportunity,
he said Oromos have nobody to blame if they miss this opportunity, no more blaming Amhara, no blaming xyz.
who are Jawars accompanies? hardliner Tsegaye Ararsa, Girma Gutama, some Islamists, etc.
Do you think his constituencies will ever forgive him the way he spoke in Bahir dar?
I take Jawars speech with a pinch of salt, he is doing calmness region to region, we call it(sosoba) or mamabel.
but his daydream will never be materialized, he is young, all he knows is qerro, he does not know the deep complex Oromo society. Let him shoot himself in the foot.
This is called strategy,