Prominent Ethiopian Philosopher Dr. Dagnachew Assefa on PM Abiy Ahmed



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Prominent Ethiopian Philosopher Dr. Dagnachew Assefa on PM Abiy Ahmed



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commenter - 1004 days ago
ይምራሀነ ጠዋት
ይምሃረነ ማታ
ፓትረያርክ IV
ፓትረያርክ VI
ኣንድ ኣርጊን ልዴታ
ቲኖር ኢትዮጵያው
ቶሞት ኢትዮጵያ
ጅግጅጋ ተሆነ
ኣብይ ኣመድ ሆነ
commenter - 1005 days ago
Socratis's Allegory of the Cave is an example of the people who disdain an educated human being. So for those who know darkness all their life they consider light as enemy . The dud who hates OLD , who disrespect historian , who hates Political philosopher economist is a cave man. He loves darkness . To be ignoramus is the most cursed state of being .
commenter - 1007 days ago
I think he is old enough . I have no respect for Historians ,
Political Science scholars , philosophers and Economists its
a fake knowledge .
commenter - 1007 days ago
the only poltical organization reconciliation with woyanae t, p. l. f.. in another country third country is oromo liberation fronet , olf still active with tens thosendes armed faighters , this is victory for oromo liberation fronet all reconciliation with Ethiopia sign by presdenet isyas afwerki ,in the midele , all other oposation poltical partey they enter to Ethiopia only by promise .but Ethiopia and Eritrea we will see the demarcation between the two country border hapeen peaceful way ,,
commenter - 1007 days ago
There are 100000 qemqemo plus who one way or another are your worst nightmares. In 70s and 80 s you had no trouble. All in kind economics, enfomation, math or any other are nodes who got you into fear because you solicited and advised America embassy when you thought you know?

Entye mislaki,

Dings are in motion. Very shortly they would try Djibouti Mekelle rail and dings, you know?

Things would continue and you would be you know?

One David stone is just one word which is enough to take Hymalya nation you know?
commenter - 1007 days ago
Tenkiko mayet melkam::

If you never grew in fear old is harnet like woyane. No big deal. Liberty cannot be exercised., Baby. That is why azmari never fuck with clergy. You know?

It is well projected that 200000 Ethiopians or others or igadians would be employed in Eritrea by 2025. What matters is watching double taxation and beyond because we would not earn a penny from what they endured but what we must make and break it before and after.

You know? EthioEritrea industry zone and stuff?

Ras Gobena is a legacy. You deal with it.

No scare.
commenter - 1007 days ago
commenter below
talking about OLF,
what is a big deal?
team Lemma negotiated with Lencho group in third country I think in Sudan,
the prime minister had meeting with G7 in third country in America,
Andargachew was invited in PM office in Addis for talks,
OMN group had meeting with the PM, etc.
why do you exaggerate?
OLF has no fighters, the only thing good came out of OLF, is the flag similar color to the national flag.
I like the color of OLF flag, I prefer abba Gadaa flag but the color looks like Egyptian flag.
commenter - 1007 days ago
እግዜ በል ዘመዴ
ኢትዮጵያ ገመድ
commenter - 1007 days ago
ሃረርጌ ጅግጂጋ
የወሃኒስ ሸንጎ
ጎንደርጌ እስላምጌ
ጉዞ ነው ወገኔ
የዴርሰ እንዴሆን
ወያኔ ወያኔ
ጉድ ፈላ ዘመዴ
ኣብይ ኣመድ ሆነ
ኢትዮጵያ ገመዴ
commenter - 1007 days ago
የወሃኒስ ንስር
ከበዴ አሞራ
ዶክቶር ኣብያመድ
የጁ የተሰራ

ሸዋዛር ዜና