Ethiopia: PM Abiy Ahmed briefing after returning from US tour



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Ethiopia: PM Abiy Ahmed briefing after returning from US tour



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commenter - 1089 days ago
prmier abey wrong to speak about Eritrea how the governmet handle all Eritrea religion in the state ,, Eritrea is fair for Eritrea traditional religion only islam and orthodoxe Christian no other religion allowed ,, Eritrea muslim they go to school up to elementerey school by Arabic and Arabic is official language to muslim together with tigraga Eritrea have mufeti Ethiopian muslim who make half or more don't have mufeti ,, unversetey Islamic ,, and mosque in axum the fact the city 15 percent population is axumite muslim as the prmier of Ethiopia be fair for 80 Ethiopia ethnic islam and Christian , Eritrea invited Somali presdenet to asmara for strong relation between the two state , Eritrea will not allow Ethiopia to use Eritrea seaport assab without pay tax in forighen currency it is not in the agremnet sign in asmara will never hapien , ,
commenter - 1089 days ago
prmier abiy ahmed personaley with his high delegation attended make a speech world wide Ethiopian muslem conference beder in America , Ethiopian muslem must united to build the firset Ethiopian muslim university and the firset Islamic mosque in axum the axumite Ethiopian muslim who make 20 percent axum city population they don't have one mosque to pray ,Dubai , and afar regional state witch 100 percenet muslim population they let the Christian seetellers who come from other regional state and world to build chrch , muslim Ethiopia make over half 50 percenet Ethiopia 100 million population ,,
commenter - 1089 days ago
prmier abiy ahmed participate world wide Ethiopian muslem conference beder in America ,, Ethiopian muslem must united to build the firset Islamic unversetiey and the firset mosque in axum Ethiopia muslem large community make half 50 percenet or more Ethiopia 100 million population ...
commenter - 1090 days ago
እጅጌው ኣመልማሎ ብሮግራም የተጠለፈ ሁኖ ኣንገትጌው በግብዓት የተሸለመ ነው:: ስሬያቸው ዴግሞ ጠቆር ብሎ እግርጌ ልክ ኣናላይዝ የተዴረገ ነው:: ታንገትጌው በተነጣጣሪ ያማረ ጥለት ተዴርጎ የተጎናጠፈ ነው ::

Bati College of Sports and Music
Shashenge, Abyssinia
commenter - 1090 days ago
Mengistu and ESAToch,


ESAT is a big media funded by people like me,
the fact that ESAT is in Amharic, it has a lot more viewers than other medias based in diaspora,
the fact that ESAT has more viewers... it has more scrutiny or more criticism.
There are many individuals behind the scenes who have been working hard for the success of ESAT,
many of these individuals are volunteers working for free for the love of their country,
therefore, ESAT is not a private media broadcasting individuals interest or one group interest, it should reflect the country as the whole. Some of the journalists at ESAT are not fit for purpose, I mean your conscious tells you when something is not right, not just taking order from individual interest groups and broadcast the message, this is irresponsible abusing the trust of the people, it seems that ESAT has no quality editor in chief.

I have just finished watching Eletawi program on ESAT hosted by fat woman called Eyyerusalem,
almost the entire program was about promoting blood drinking vampire Mengistu Hailemariam,
my hands are shaking extremely angry, if I was there God knows what I would have done,
I lost respect for Tewelde and Habtamu, big time!, I now know what they are made of, I dont like the other two to start with.
Which is why.. one of the reasons I stopped contributing to ESAT, full of Derg cadres, all of them! including the Sissay that I like and Tamagn, why why why they are in love with Mengistu?
they used be anti Amharannet until recently, as Amhara activist I used to get frustrated, my activism has been for innocent Amhara people who have been targeted, not for few Amhara class who had been blood suckers part of the past regimes and with current regime.

Look, Dr Abiy and his team are great, so far in four months they have achieved massive changes without a single tank.
Through out our history we like winning by killing, it is part of our culture akaki-zeraf kill as many to be a hero, kill as many to unite the country, everything is war, kill kill kill, even our songs are made for war, the more you kill the more you become hero, we worship lunatic criminals as heroes. Atse Tedros was a Shifta, he started in the name of helping the poor but ended up massacring all of them, he burned down Gonder, Welo, burned down churches, rampaging anything his way, we worship this psychotic who massacred hundreds of thousands of Amhara people.
Mengistu is another lunatic, even more embarrassing, at least Atse Tedros killed himself in his own country. Coward Mengistu abandoned his country, he did not even inform close colleagues who dedicated their lives to him, the poor national army were dumped allover the place, can you imagine those soldiers in a remote rocky mountains for years in fox holes without salary defending their country, suddenly hearing that their commander in chief abandoned them running for his life.
I have a big respect for those Derg officials who stayed in their country and accepted their punishment like brave soldiers and finished their prison sentence.

Look, the new Medemer or forgiveness, is not blind, I am progressive with team Abiy, but this is temporary.
In the future when we establish proper judiciary system, any criminal against humanity will face justice accordingly, even among woyanes who committed unforgivable crimes against humanity will never escape justice, if not in Ethiopia, we the public will put pressure on international criminal court [ICC in Hague] to make sure justice will be served.

Let me warn you, If Mengistu is allowed to return home, I know he is running away from Zimbabwe because the situation there is not safe for him anymore, the opposition party is gaining support and zanu-pf is weak, the whites or the West influence is gaining support on the ground, sooner or later Mengistu will face trouble and he knows that, he is red devil who escaped nine attempted assassination.
If Mengistu is allowed to return to Ethiopia, first of all, he will not be safe, someone will eliminate him.
Secondly, there will be a big excuse for woyanes to reorganize themselves gather support from the people of Ethiopia[not just Tigres].
There are millions of Ethiopians who still have pains from the past regime, I can assure you that woyanes will collect public support against team Abiy, I will definitely join woyanes against Mengistu and criminals, I dont like woyanes but I hate Mengistu! even the new relationship with Eritrea will be endanger if Mengistu is allowed free without facing the music. I know that ambassador Kassa Kebede is the agent of Mengistu working behind the scenes of ESAT message prompting Mengistu.
commenter - 1091 days ago
After assessing the visit in America,
the winner as follow,

1) Los Angeles,
better organized and the people were smiley and responsive,
maybe because of good weather, it looked nice.

2) Minnesota,
for the first time, Oromos and Amharas plus others showed respect for one another,
and Dr Abiy speech was the best specially replying to a female tigre journalist.
woyanes and their cadres are really nasty, she was trying to divide Abiy and Lemma,
they love dividing, the protest in Mekele they held photo of Afewerki but not Dr Abiy.

3) DC visit,
very disorganized, the whole thing chaotic,
from the start to finish, it says something about the society in DC,
but the convention center is massive, I never seen such a huge hall.

So the winner is Los Angeles.
commenter - 1091 days ago
The true Ethiopian not allowed this two terrorist jawahar muslims mohammed and pimp eritrean slave tamage gay beyene to ethiopia once they land justice need to serve to this two trerrorist
commenter - 1091 days ago
Every time this deptra open his mouth ilike to PEE in his stincky face.
commenter - 1091 days ago
It is great pleasure. But we assume joy is whenever Jesus Christ is born as believers. I am orthodox. Bethlhem is everywhere everyday, I guess. Medemer does not discriminate. I love lyrics of Rat Race which translates from Jared enterprise. It implies that I have the right to do frontpage., RASTAMEN GATHERERED TO WELCOME THE PATRIARCH. Whether you take me rite or wrong Rastaman is a rasta. Rastafarian is a rasta too where the latter is a church by itself. DEjazmach kegnazmach AU all related friends including the queen are rastamen according to the translation. Abiy is a rastamean which is a duty when I see the tricolor he does not throw in public. Zena is a rastaman when he exercise the right to tell something is a fabric as far as he does not pick and throw it down the isle in public., even so. Medemer must give rastafarians equal rights of exercising their thing and ding in the place where they consider that there is holy stuff. Their right must include their unlimited right to trade with Uraguay and Canada. God bless ATLANTIS.

Rastaman Chant