ፎረም 65፦ የዓብይ 100 ቀናትና፣ የአሜሪካ ጉብኝት



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የጠ/ሚ ዓብይ 100 ቀናት አመራር ዳሥሰናል ፤ እንዲሁም በአሜሪካ የጠ/ሩን የዲሲ ፡ የሎስ አንጀለስ እና የሚኒሶታ ጉብኝት በሚመለከት ተወያይተናል። አቶ ብርሃኑ ዳምጤ ("አባመላ") እንግዳችን ነው።



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commenter - 1005 days ago
PM Dr Abiy

The new prime minister and his team achievements in 100 days
divided into three categories.

1) taking over power in a nice way, surprised most people, the best outcome.
we avoided bloodshed like in the past, people thought that woyane can only be removed by gun.

2) uniting the country, still a lot of work ahead but the start is excellent.
All I say is... we want the new Ethiopia based on justice, equality, respect,
without dismantling the fabric of society. Unity is from bottom up,
respect for Murle people, Zay people, Argoba people, respect for traditional Oromo religion, etc.

3) Reestablishing relationship with Eritrea, I got to say, this one surprised us all,
we all knew that after woyane is expired, one day the two countries will reestablish some kind of relationship.
But the pace right now record breaking, WOW! even woyanes themselves are in shock, seeing the veteran wedi Afom speaking in Amharic in front of happy crowd in Ethiopia, it was unthinkable a month ago.

The rest of the jobs done by team Abiy is a bonus.
commenter - 1005 days ago
Al Bundy ze London said.,


Melese Zena attempted incursion to Tesseney.

Green energy map revelation discovered the hidden nuclear capacity of plant genetics.

The new share of the 100 billion stuff and new green Eritrea would always share 10 percent to Maradona.

The trade continues.

One billion chigign.

In every 52 days it is only farmer Thomas who would not sleep in peace.
commenter - 1005 days ago
Conspiracy theories do not end.

Hagere Ethiopia
Mo nesh telala.....

When Italians admitted that parts of Eritrea is to give up to Ethiopia, the British approached Selassie I. Someone disagreed and wanted red orange green as his own kingdom by war.

He paid a price.

No organized or Darwinian dudes were resurrected by a person who is born to a mother of Enderta.

In order to be a Hebrew or Jew immigrant you must have a Jew mother.

See you then......