A conversation with Oromo Music Star Hachalu Hundessa



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A conversation with Oromo Music Star Hachalu Hundessa



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commenter - 1064 days ago
PM Dr Abiy

The new prime minister and his team achievements in 100 days
divided into three categories.

1) taking over power in a nice way, surprised most people, the best outcome.
we avoided bloodshed like in the past, people thought that woyane can only be removed by gun.

2) uniting the country, still a lot of work ahead but the start is excellent.
All I say is... we want the new Ethiopia based on justice, equality, respect,
without dismantling the fabric of society. Unity is from bottom up,
respect for Murle people, Zay people, Argoba people, respect for traditional Oromo religion, etc.

3) Reestablishing relationship with Eritrea, I got to say, this one surprised us all,
we all knew that after woyane is expired, one day the two countries will reestablish some kind of relationship.
But the pace right now record breaking, WOW! even woyanes themselves are in shock, seeing the veteran wedi Afom speaking in Amharic in front of happy crowd in Ethiopia, it was unthinkable a month ago.

The rest of the jobs done by team Abiy is a bonus.
commenter - 1065 days ago
wow, for the first time
Issayas Afewerki spoke in Amharic,
he is not easy guy as we know him,
but he is emotionally moved by the warm welcome
I never seen him speechless resting his hands on his chest showing love, wow!
Genuinely he was almost cried, no matter what, we are all the same people afterall.
commenter - 1066 days ago
commenter - 1066 days ago
እንግሊዝ ኣራተኛ ወጣች::ሃርባስታ ይሁን ሄርባስታ ሁኖም በ ዛሬይቱ ኢትይዖፕያ ወይንም ፈረንጂ ቃና ክሮሺያ ህዝብ እንዴንሳለን:: ዛሬ ዛሬ ተሞላ ጎዴል ታናቾች እግር ኳስን የዘጠና ዴቂቃ ጴጥሮስ ያቺን ሳት ኣዲርገው የበላዮችን በሚያደናግጡ ግዜና ቶንጋ ተቅርብ ወዳጅ ጎረቤቷ ኤርትራ ተሁለት መቶ ስምንት ተነቅላ ወይ ወደላይ ወይንም ለዘላለም ይባል ኣባዜ ያሳያል የሆነ ሁኖ ተሊጉ ቆየም ኣልቆየ ወልዋሎን ተሊስቱ ማልቀሳችን ኣይቀሬ ጉዳይ ነው ኢትዮጵያ የኤርትራ መድሂን እንጂ ፈጥሞ ጠላት ኣይዶለችም:: ለመሆኑ ኣስመራ ኣዲሳባ ጆይንት ሴካፋ ያረጉ ይሆን? መኒ ቶክስ.....
commenter - 1066 days ago
Let us be honest,
If Hachalu sings about love, Medemer, peace, etc. nobody buys his album.
because he sings about victimhood politics, he got famous.
I know about music, in terms of vocal, both Hachalu and Teddy Afro are not the best.
There are many who have quality vocals without autotune.
see, in Ethiopia, politics is everything, because there is nothing else to take your mind off,
in advanced countries, nobody follows politics, young people find politics boring,
in free time, a lots of entertainments, so many different sports every weekends, cycling, swimming, Tennis, etc.
whereas in Ethiopia, nothing to do, people chewing chatt talking about politics.
If Dr Abiy is not making young people busy occupy their minds away from politics, they will demand more and more. Ethiopia is one of the bottom three poorest countries in the world, will never create enough jobs even for those with degrees.
commenter - 1066 days ago
you see in the past before woyane,
when someone ask you where you from?
you say, I am from shewa so so town,
if the town is not famous like Ambo,
you mention the awraja or woreda.
but nowadays here in diaspora, when you ask young oromo guy, replies I am from Oromiya.
by the way, before woyane, we used to know Ambo by AmboWuha mineral water.
commenter - 1066 days ago
anadufu means enkuan dehna mettachiw?
which afan oromo is this?
in my area we say, bege-negeyan dooften
or we say to guests, werri gella, yegibu or welcome in.
commenter - 1066 days ago

Asmara stadium, convention center, airport gelemele entered that zemenawi luti investment, Mesebo made 180 percent profit.

Asab port opened, Semera Rose to scare or scale Mekelle city, Shire airport made 180 percent profit.

One thousand commercial vessels made a stop at Masawa, Dakar made 180 percent profit.

What goes around comes around....