EthioTube KeSifraw - Teddy from DC Task Force talks about the Rally to Support PM Abiy Ahmed and other issues | June 26,



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EthioTube KeSifraw - Teddy from DC Task Force talks about the Rally to Support PM Abiy Ahmed and other issues | June 26, 2018



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commenter - 1131 days ago
ዴቡብ ኮሪያ ዴንሳ ኣቸነፈች:: ሳምባም ዲመትም የለን እቴ:: ተዚህ ቀጥሎ ለ ቴዲ ኣፍሮ እንዴንሳለን::

እግር ሧ ነው ዋንጯ
ስቛር ነው መዘዙ
በረረች መክሲኮ
ተነቅሎላት መርዙ
ኢትይጵያ ሀገረ ዲፍዲፍ ትታቦካ
ማለቅያው የት ይሆን ካናዳ ኣሜሪካ

2018 Garincha Way., Unit 6, Russia behind Lambadina Road.
commenter - 1131 days ago
ወቅታዊ ጉዳይ ተ ባቲ ኮሌጅ
ኣንዲ ግዘ ሳቢሳውን በኡክረይን ሰራሽ ሚሳይል ኣነጣጥሮ ሪበሳው ሰዎስት ኪሎሜትር ጠለቀ ቀጥሎ ዴግሞ በ ታይላንድ ሰራሽ መደርመሿ ቲበሳው ነዳጅ ዲፍዲፍ ብሎም የዲጋፍ ጩሀት ኣብይ ኣብይ ኣብይ ብሎ ጎመራ ጋዘመ::

commenter - 1131 days ago
This guy and his group,
I dont like the [DC-Gibre-Hail] the way they approach things,
too aggressive like criminal gangsters.

Dr Fiseha Eshetu should be sensitive to our politics, he should not just come up with new ideas without considering others, people paid high price, many lost their dearest, etc. However, I think Dr Fiseha is easy going simple guy, he does not deserve abuse, he has shown that he is a successful guy. Why cant we discuss things rather than Akaki-zeraf threatening behavior which is not acceptable. I think Dr Fiseha is bored in America, he is itching to go home, he can do that individually without messing up established politics in DC.
commenter - 1131 days ago
Medemer - does not mean going backward or stay where we are,
it means going forward, the new Ethiopia based on respect, equality, accountability, justice, fairness.

Medemer - does not mean deleting our layers of identities,
our identities are our wealth, not only we recognize them but also we nurture them.
Oromos questions will be answered not by hate or rivalry politics but through democracy.
The same applies to the Muslims questions will be answered through democracy.

Medemer - does not mean with TPLF the mafia group, in fact, the LF(Liberation Front) is old fashion, must be kicked out. Tigray should provide alternative political parties representing the interest of the majority in Tigray, not the interest of extended families of Sibhat Nega, Syoum Mesfin, Abay Tsehaye, nasty Bereket, etc.

By the way... Dr Abiy should be careful cuddling with Arkebe Equbay, Getachew Assefa and others,
these are snakes waiting for their moment. Just recently Arkebe made comment Tigray as equivalent to Israel and the rest of us as equivalent to Arabs, he was referring Tigray should continue dominating either by hook or by crook.
If Arkebe is genuine who wants to join the progressive leadership, he must apologize for the crimes committed by the regime he has been a key player. For example... he authorized the Gambella invasion when he was adviser to Hailemariam, after investigation carried out the bank blocked the Gambella invaders but Arkebe allowed them to carry on as usual. If Arkebe wants to be progressive, give back some of the looted money.

Dr Abiy should surround himself with loyal progressive people who helped him when he was at the bottom. Promote people from team Lemma, team Gedu, from Debub, some from oppositions, etc. these people will stick with you when you are in trouble. People like Arkebe give them jobs like industry minister, or they should retire. Do not make them advisers cuddling with them, they are very dangerous.