Ethiopia: EthioTube Ankuar - Ethiopian Weekly News (Andargachew Tsige Special) | June 11, 2018



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Ethiopia: EthioTube Ankuar - Ethiopian Weekly News (Andargachew Tsige Special) | June 11, 2018



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commenter - 988 days ago
ባቲ ኮሌጅ መልዕክተ የዎሃኒስ

ካልዕ ዕዝራ ማሲንቆ እያንገባለሉ
ኣንድ ባንድ ረገፉ መልዕክት እየጣሉ
ኣለው በለኝ ብለው ኣንዲ ነገር ጢፈው
ኣንዲ ባንድ ኣለፉ

From Final Hours.....
commenter - 988 days ago
እጃችን ዛሬ ምን ኣስነበበች?

ኣማሪካና ሜክሲኮ ተመረጡ:: ተዚህ ቀጥሎ የሚከተለውን ጸሎት እልንላለን::

የሃዲግ ማይከላዊ ኮሚቴ
የዴረሰበትን የንግድ
ስዲስት ስዲስት ኦሊጋርክ
ስዲስት ስዲስት ክለቦችን
በ ስዲስት ስዲስት መቶ ሚሊዮ

commenter - 988 days ago
Ethiopian Airlines

Tamagn Beyene should organize diaspora investors to buy Ethiopian Airlines before Chinese dismantle it.
Ethiopian airlines is our identity, the only good thing came out of Ethiopia.
Foreigners remember Ethiopia for drought, hunger and misery.
Ethiopian airlines has been giving us a good image since it was founded, we have obligation to save it.
This is no charity [go-fund-me], this is highly profitable investment.
Our country is in deep economical mess, even more than the political mess,
right now woyanes are sitting in another meeting yet again in Mekelle,
divided in groups, everybody is thinking about their individual interest rather than the country.
Act now before too late!
commenter - 989 days ago
ስዲስት ስዲስት

ባለም ታሪክ ረጂሙ የጭብብጥ ወይንም መጫበጥ ወይንም መጨባበጥ ግዘ ታሪካው ሁኖ ተመዝግሧል::
commenter - 989 days ago
To the commenter talking about yeMenelik settlers in Finfinne,

Our politics is emotionally driven,
During Menelik Addis was like a village grass huts here and there,
even Menelik house at entoto itself was grass huts,
the first Qorqoro was imported during Zewditu reign.
It was etege Tayitus idea who named it Addis-Ababa which meant the New-flower against the old trees like Lalibela, Axum, Fasiledes, etc.

The population were not awake in those days, no means of knowing what is going on from one part to another, Radio started during Hailesilasie in few areas, TV started during Derg, during Menelik no transport for mass settlers. If you look at big cities around the world, Bombay, New York, London, Cairo, etc. people move to big cities for job opportunities if factories are opened, enterprise, buying selling things, restaurants, hair saloons, etc. Addis is no difference from other cities around the world. Ordinary People started to move around during Hailesilasie, more during Derg. I mean the first university was opened in 1960, proper Ethiopiawinnet was taught during Hailesilasie, but Ethiopiawinnet did not spread in rural areas which is why we have problem today.

To answer your question, there was no systematic settlers for ordinary people, how can you call poor people settlers surviving by selling tela, enjera, onions, etc. But there were feudal owning large lands, in those days there was no salary to Fitawraris, Dejazmaches, Balambaras, etc. Land was everything. even when ordinary soldier retired he was given a piece of land.
A week ago Andargachew said... his father was land owner in Minjar Amhara region, he was sorry seeing poor farmers traveling for days on foot carrying crops on the back of donkeys to the landholders.
Sibhat Nega also said... his parent were feudal land owners.
I remember Professor Merera Gudina said.. the feudal man who took his parent land was Oromo.
By the way.. from now on, I would address obbo Merera as Prof Merera (not Dr), woyane blocked his professorship, he would have been professor more than a decade ago, midrre-cadre hullas are called Profs-doctors.
commenter - 990 days ago
correction for ethiotube,

for one year and three months nobody was allowed to visit him,
because he was alone in a dark room near Genet hotel,
he did not even know where he was because every time he went out for interrogation his face covered with Jonniya, his hands and legs cuffed with chains.
Only when he was transferred to Qallity prison sharing a small room with two murderers, then only his father was allowed to visit him once a week. He was treated appallingly.
commenter - 990 days ago
ጻወታ ተ መናፍስት መባጃው ሊያንነጅብ ስሪ ዳይስ ቱ ጎ ቢለው ኣንድ ኣሙስ የቀራት ፍየል ያለው መስሎት ባትኩሮት ታነበበ ሷላ ጥላው ችው ብሎት ሩሲያ ሁለት ቺ ኣስራ ስምንት ኣ ለ::

Do no conspire