Eskinder Negas full speech at the event organized to honor him in Washington DC | June 10, 2018



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Eskinder Negas full speech at the event organized to honor him in Washington DC | June 10, 2018



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commenter - 1143 days ago
Dear brother,

I rest my case!
let the readers judge who is childish.
you lost the debate, you started cheap insults instead.
I am not Amhara[nationalist]... the word nationalist too strong,
I have been Amhara activist against prejudices,
you guys have misconception about Amhara activism.

Yes I am Amhara. In ideal world, I should be fighting for the area I was born and the community there,
I actually love my hometown and missed it big time, the unjust ethnic system forced me to fight for Amharas.
By the way, you dont have to be Amhara to fight for innocent Amhara people against injustices, Mesfin Feyisa has fought for equal rights of Amhara people more than many Amhara activists.

Look, Amharas have no question on ethiopiawinnet, but the question is, what kind of ethiopiawinnet?
personally I dont like the previous and the current ethiopiawinnet,
look at what is going on right now, 300,000 Gedeo people are displaced and hundreds died on both sides,
Gurages vs Kebena, Sidama vs Wolayitta, Somali vs Oromo, etc.
The current system of ethnic federalism is not working, the past system was also oppressive, we need to find a new solution.

Meantime, we need to support Dr Abiy, all progressive Ethiopians must back Dr Abiy, otherwise, woyanes and their cadres are sharping their machete to dismantle the country.
Anyways.... this debate is closed!
Thank you for being patient with me.

commenter - 9 hours ago
From what you are writing it appears that I am dealing with a frustrated confused child whose parents are taken away for one reason or another. I dont know where to place you but I know you need help. I think you benefit from visiting a psychiatrist. Sometimes you consider yourself Amhara nationalist which I doubt, then you want to sell your version of Ethiopia to me. Anyone who speaks the truth is akrari while a genocidal criminal is your hero. We have common ground, and it is good so.
I think you should blame your parents who raised you by feeding you lies rather than milk and honey which are plenty in your adopted land, Oromia. Fortunately, there is a cure to your disease and all settlers who are calling for destruction of Annole and Oromia. That cure is removal of the statue of a criminal that screwed your mind for decades and blurred your vision with a false image of reality. No, please, please, dont try to play Amhara please because you are not. You are not a wayane either. People like you are born into prostitution from unknown backgrounds in Finfinne with no connection to any ethnic group. But they loudly call themselves the true Ethiopiawis. They get frustrated when asked about their ethnic group because they have none. I leave you alone until you get your medication.
commenter - 1143 days ago
Take it easy bro,

I like some part of Menelik but I am not worshiper like some people,
but now you are making me to love Menelik, you will never bring peace by force,
you can shout Menelik-Menelik thousands times a minute, even open minded Oromos will avoid you.
In fact, you guys are Menelik promoters, I dont remember Menelik except Adwa-day or something,
but you guys mention Menelik in every sentence, you remember the name Menelik more than your own names.
By the way, it is not just Amharas who like Menelik, many Oromos and others. listen to Efrem Madebo few days ago.
During transition days from Derg to woyane, there was power vacuum, some mobs tried to damage Menelik statue, guess what? it was yeShewa Oromos from surrounding areas marched riding their horses to protect the statue. You guys are Akrariwoch, followers of Tsegaye Ararsa, Girma Gutama, Jawar, etc.

Trust me, Oromos need ethiopiawinnet more than Amharas. Oromos are the most diverse background,
partly the Gudifecha system is responsive for diversity, when Oromos won victory against Kambatas or Sidamas, they made them Gudifecha.
Yesterday I watched Colonel Abebe Geresu mother on TV, she looked like my Amhara mother, the way she dressed, shash everything, if she goes where I grew up the local Oromos can mistaken her for Amhara.
Which is why, ethiopiawinnet based on equal right, freedom and justice, can only benefit Oromos.
Right now, Oromos have never had time to look inwards, the focus has been on external enemies.
Ato Bulcha Demeksa party was called Oromo [Federalist] Democratic Movement, the word Federalist means distinguish or diverse.

commenter - 5 hours ago
Rest assured the Minilik statue will be turned into dust before your eyes, before you even touch the Annole Memorial!! I am not dreaming this.
There is no legitimacy, whatsoever, for the statue of a criminal to stand on the graves of his millions of victims. We want the government to destroy this statue in public before the people take care of it. The erection of this statue is a historic crime equal to the actual genocide itself, which planted a false image in the minds of the settlers (former naftegnas and their descendants, such as the person commenting below) that Menilik can and should only be remembered for victory over Italy and anything that exposes his crimes should be condemned for destruction.
The only just and legitimate way to remove this false image is by irreversible removal of its cause,i.e. the Minilik statue in Finfinne, and by erecting a memorial museum for his victims on its site so that future generation should learn that such crime should never be repeated.
commenter - 1144 days ago
ኡራጓይ ኣንድ ግብጥ ዴግሞ ዜሮ ሁኖ ተጠናቛል:: ተዚህ ቀጥሎ ለወይዘሮ ወይንም ማዴም ስብሃቶም እንዴንሳለን::

ፈረንሳይ ቀልጣ
የተበጀች ሹካ
ታሪፍ ተከትሎ
Renault ሾላካ
commenter - 1144 days ago
Reply to commenter under this comment.

My friend,
why you beat around the bush,
you said... [they came with Menelik], from where?
you said... [they will be deported].. to where?

you guys say something in afan oromo, say something else in Amharic,
there are many Amharas who speak afan oromo, they used to hide because of fiction propaganda spread against Amhara people, but now they are coming out and claiming back their Amharannet, (without being arrogant) I played a role in that, more than my share.

My point is, you guys will be exposed when you say something in Amharic and say something else in afan oromo like Bekele Gerba. I felt sorry for Bekele, because he was in prison for many years, he did not realize that the world around him is different from when he went in prison, he thought he could get away with it like before, the Gondar protest has changed everything upside down, I still like Bekele regardless.

The point is, when you guys mean Amharas the ones who live in the so called Amhara region,
Amharas who live in Oromo region have two choices, either they got be Oromonized aka Gudifecha system, or they are labeled yeMenelik sefariwoch. In other words... they have no right as Amharas, no schooling in Amharic, basically take or leave it. Anybody who oppose the above or who sing about Andinnet or who talk about Atsewoch, etc. stick tag on him yeMenelik sefari or Mette, threatened with deportation, prof Birhanu will be deported to Gurage, Tamagn to Gondar, Ermias to ?, etc etc.

I am not worried about Anole memorial statue, my advice to my Amhara people, dont worry about it, Oromos themselves will knock it down when they learn the truth. Our job is keep educating the truth. The same goes to other statues.


commenter - 19 hours ago
You are scared to answer any of my questions and jump to accuse me of saying something I never wrote: [Amharas and yeMenelik sefariwoch].
Let me be clear again for everyone who read what I wrote:
YeMinilik sefari is not synonymous with Amhara people whom I respect. The safaris are former negtegnas (armed settlers) living in Oromia, southern states, gambella, benshangul, Ethio Somali states who came with invasion of Minilik. It does not imply that these people are necessarily Amhara. So, I am surprised why the commenter below who always concludes that Yeminilk sefaris are Amhara. May be he is trying to get sympathy from peaceful amharas who are living those states and elsewhere.
The way I see, it is neither necessary nor possible to separate the Amhara and Oromo. In fact as the pillars of Ethiopia, the two nations are more responsible than others for keeping the country together and defending it from external threats. Even those sefaris are allowed to live peacefully among Oromos and others as long as they abide by local laws. But those who deny history and demand and work for destruction of Annole Memorial and Oromia are clearly putting themselves on notice for deportation from those states and further appropriate actions.
commenter - 1144 days ago
Hey cadre below,

welcome back, I am sorry there are no many cadre jobs for you since Dr Abiy became PM,
we dont see you flooding ethiotube like before with your zigzag cadre job kkkkkkkkk
well, go and find proper job, no more aderbai job, it is over!
your masters are gathering in Mekelle begging the people of Tigray kkkkkkkkkkk
it is over! the best you can do is, eat your looted money quietly, otherwise face the consequences.
Amhara people prefer Oromos the closest to them, you are mafia bandas selling out your mother.
commenter - 1144 days ago
I am sorry I myself is an Amhara, However , it is
due to the fact that hate words spreaded by the chauvinist and racist handful Gondares who residing in diaspora notably allied themselves with Gim 0 including
Tamagne that resulted for the demonization of the
Amhara as enemy of the rest of the nationalities .

mainly working with Gimatam 7 who
commenter - 1144 days ago

የሱፍ ፍትፍት ወሃኒስ
ኣስታጠቀው ቴዎድሮስ
ቅይ ማችላ ኣተር ክክ
ኣጎረሰው ምኒሊክ
ትርሃስ ሃምሊ ወይ ጎመን
ወደት ይሆን መኮንን
ኣዴራጅተው ሮቢት
ክራር ሰፉ በጅማት

commenter - 1144 days ago
ኣናላይሲስ ወሬኞ::

ሞትባይኖር ጥልጣሪ ሳላዳሪ
Father Son Holy Spirit., Amen
commenter - 1144 days ago
አናላይሲስ ጊዝፎን
ኣኖኒሞስ እና ምስለኔዎስ

ሩሲያ ኣምስት ስዑድ ኣራብ ዴግሞ ዜሮ ሁኖ ተፈጥሟል:: ተዝH ቀጥሎ ለወይዘሮ ወይንም ማዴም ስብሃቶም እንዴንሳለን;;

ዜና ካልዕ መዋዕል ነገሩን ባናውቀው
መሃል ሜዳ ኣናቱን ዲንገት ሸመቀቀው
ስንዴ ዳር በቆሎ ሙሉ ኣለም ወለባ
ዘጠኝ ቁጥር ወድቆ ስዲስት ቅጥር ገባ
ስዲስት ስዲስት
ኣቤቶ መዐት
ነፍsሽን ይማረው ኣይ መንግስቱ ወርቁ
ቅጽ እና ቅጥ እግር እየሸመቀቁ
ዘመነ ሰዎስት ዴስታ
ያች ኣለም ፍቅር
ይህንን የመስላል በምርኩዝ መኖር
ሳይገሉ ጎፈሬ ዝም ብሎ መኖር
ግማሹ ኣንካሳ ግማሹ ረጅም
ልንገርሽ ሃገሬ ኣሳሞኣ ኣያረጂም
ትዝታ ኣያረጅም

Analysis., GeezFone
commenter - 1145 days ago
ቅልና ጡጥ መቸም ቅልጦት ተቅንጦት ተመሳሳይ ባቲ ኮለዥ ነው ታቅልጣቸው ወይንም ያቅልጧት ለጊዜው ባይታይም የተቸከመችው ቅቤ በጆርጅ ወይንም ዘጠኝ መንገድ ኩሉ ገዳ የፈዘዘ ጅል ነው::

ስነ ቁመት