OMN - Conversation on latest developments in Ethiopia with Jawar Mohammed, Eziekel Gabissa and Tsegaye Ararssa | June 20



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OMN - Conversation on latest developments in Ethiopia with Jawar Mohammed, Eziekel Gabissa and Tsegaye Ararssa | June 2018



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commenter - 1150 days ago
Advice to genuine Amhara activists,

I use the word [genuine] because Amharannet comes from heart,
Amharannet is not for Christmas you pick it up one moment and drop it next moment.
I did not choose to be Amhara activist, it came from my heart.
Amhara activism is resistance movement against injustice, against discrimination, against orchestrated propaganda lies since fascist Italy. Amhara activism is not about Liberation movement unlike others.

My message to genuine Amhara activists, equip yourself with knowledge,
you should know the subject you are talking about, prepare yourself for ideological warfare.
Do not waste time with facebook enka-selamta exchanging insults.
I left facebook years ago because of unbearable insults I had to endure,
they dont focus on the topic at hand, they pick on body parts instead.
Choose who to follow on facebook, if someone starts with insults never watch him or watch her again.

However, if your people are insulted you have obligation tit-for-tat retaliation.
For example, if someone calls you yeMenelik Sefari and telling you to go back to Gondar,
you have full right to call him Galla tell him to go back to Borana.
Mengistu Hailemariam Ayana, Hailesilasie Mekonnen Gudessa, Gobana Dache, etc.
most of them were Tulamas, they were feudal owning lands in the south and in the north.
The truth must be exposed, many of those Tulamas living in the south were land owners until Derg confiscated from them. From now on, no more hiding behind the real victims.
commenter - 1150 days ago
tplf woyanae paralized ,,bankrupted ,, for 3 three years many investores forighen company left ethiopia because of unrest and in oromia region continue demonsteration by qeero oromo youth movmnet what we see tplf woyanae brineg all oromo line up adminsteration to crash qeero , tplf need want peace with all ethiopian even go far want peace with eritrea the war kill three hundredes thosendes ethiopian the past prmier said badme the land ethiopia or death however tplf woyanae need peace with all ethiopian if it is posable with eritrea to servive or tplf will collabssed died ,, ethiopia eye is in forighen investores ethiopia dont have any resource poor countrey the new prmier said ethiopia desperteley need to make peace with all ethiopian if not ethiopia servive count day by day , this is from reliable sources true ,,
commenter - 1151 days ago
Quiz: 1) Does Abiy want/expect the new army chief to punish or enforce Abdi Iley?
Quiz: 2) Does Abiy want/expect the new army chief to murder or protect protesters?
commenter - 1151 days ago
History in bald terms

Legalize it.......

Guta bought axion and fifty two seater EAL. Guta painted the tricolor and Ethiopian stuff. Guta paid royalty. Guta became multimillionaire. EAL took 45%.

Hailel G SELASSIE is for sale.

Abebe Bikila Roma in bare feet

Who told you that the flagship of Ethiopia 1992 and Derartu Tulu never madeth history barefeet or baldhead Eagle without blue starship?

God bless Africa. God bless Derartu.

Derartu for privatization.
commenter - 1151 days ago
Illegal settlers in BenShangul and Oromia complain that they were evicted only because they are Amharas, which is very far from truth. No one in Oromia has been evicted because of his/her ethnicity, but because of illegal occupation of land already being used by locals. The only people who were evicted because of their ethnicity are 1 million Oromos from the Ogaden.
commenter - 1151 days ago
If the pace of the situation or motion which resemble reform continue like this, Haboy Afewerki would be forced out either Zimbabwe or SA style whichever would bring tremor between July and September of 2018.

commenter - 1151 days ago
Thanks bros. You nailed it.
commenter - 1151 days ago
commenter - 1151 days ago
commenter below,
I observed your comments for long time,
I think either you are Egyptian or Jeberti Eritrean muslim.
commenter - 1151 days ago
as we all know tplf woyanae weaken hurt by qeerro oromo youth movmnet , today we see tplf woyanae hidden ageneda is to brineg hodam oromos to power and to crash qeero oromo youth movmnet but tplf fail will fail again , tplf woyanae go far after 300,000 three hundred ethiopian death killed dustey ,,ethiopia badamae ,,, eritrea and ethiopia border war tplf woyanae crminal forget the death ethiopian and want make peace with eritrea axcepted the disbuted land belong to eritrea not for ethiopia what a shame ,, what a shame , death for woyanae tplf death for oromos o.p.d.o hodam ,,