EthioTube keSifraw - Interview with Fasil Demoz about Eskider Nega | May 05, 2018



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EthioTube keSifraw - Interview with Fasil Demoz about Eskider Nega | May 05, 2018



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commenter - 1096 days ago
I dont need a base, my base is Amharannet!
I know chauvinists burn inside when I mention Amharannet,
democracy can not solve their attitude, their attitude stinks,
they have the right to like Ethiopiawinnet but the way they go about it, is wrong.
They make other people to hate what they stand for,
most of these people originated from Addis and some are from other places.
They dont want to hear other people point of view,.
Taye Dendeya said.. [yeChigiroch hullu menesha Dinqurinna naw], absolutely!
Look at them during HR-128 gathering outside white-house,
to take video picture they shoved out a guy holding the only OLF flag among several ethio flags,
I am neither Oromo nor olf, but I can not stand them, really nasty upbringing.
commenter - 1097 days ago
Comments below : the communists always searching for a certain enemy to mobilize their base. They creat classes to wage war on one class over the other and the poor Amhara thing is the same approach. The Ethiopian people question is very simple and direct; we need democracy now ! Democracy is of course a process but killing it intentionally under such pretexts is unacceptable! For poor or rich, for top or down, for chauvinist or narrow nationalists, Democracy gives a room to be heated ! Democracy is a great equalizer and communism should RIP in our country too !!
commenter - 1099 days ago
To the second commenter after me,

Bro, I understand your point,
but, these flag waving hooligans are very aggressive.
I am here to defend my poor Amhara people,
why these chauvinists hide behind Amhara people?
for their vanity innocent Amhara people are paying the price on the ground.
commenter - 1100 days ago
He was sitting near his seven milyo mansion in trench town. You can imagine what the inside would look like. The dude and his camera threw a question., How much is your wealth? Let me leave this floor and Ethiotube may be at least for five years from today.....What is the answer?

Bye my friends,

I smelled some very bad stuff on the making.

Milyo Sanjagena
commenter - 1100 days ago
Comments below :
The same old dividided and rule tactics of TPLF ; the Ethiopian people walked a long way to realize the irresponsible manipulation of every moves to divide us. . But the issues raised here below are very small and irrelevant compared to our common questions . Therefore, we should focus on the big issues than dwelling on such insignificant small details. As to the flag, , it is the culture of every nation from U.K to U.S and from China to Brazil , it is a great honor to wave the flag by every single person to respect their heroes and their culture and their is nothing wrong to do it in the same manner.
commenter - 1100 days ago
Read what I wrote 17 days ago when Eskinder arrived in Holland,

17 days ago
I got to say....
OMN has come a long away
crossing political boundary
warm reception to someone who has connection with Ethiopiawinnet,
well done to Demeke, Geresu and others, welcoming Eskinder!

I saw Aba Gada traditional flag around Eskinders neck,
it was presented as a sign of acceptance welcoming distinguished guests,
why the woman removed it from Eskinders neck?
I can not stand these chauvinistic hooligans, in fact I hate them.
I am Amhara but I dislike yeBandirra gagata, one or two is enough.
Ethiopiawinnet is not measured by the quantity of flags.

That was what I wrote over two weeks ago,
I saw some people blaming Eskinder for taking off Aba Gadaa flag from his neck,
it was the woman who took it off from Eskinder neck,
he was trying to hold it back, but the woman snatched it off quickly,
I think unfair criticism on Eskinder.
commenter - 1100 days ago
Latamnegn ticilaleh,


Le Oprah 400 business yeseru and kenferam setyo., Le sebath kenferachewn simen simen bochiqen procure, GUESS wat?

Agerbeth Restaurant, Brazil.
commenter - 1100 days ago
My life changed when I studied different languages spoken in Argentina.

Engineer Samuel,

D with it.
commenter - 1100 days ago
I TELD you that shad not.

Deal with it.

I am not assigned to speak on behalf of others. Do not suppress my peace.