EthioTube keSifraw - Interview with Sisay Agena about Eskider Nega | May 05, 2018



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EthioTube keSifraw - Interview with Sisay Agena about Eskider Nega | May 05, 2018



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commenter - 1063 days ago
Are you joking when comparing Sissay with Minalachew?
the two are totally different, Sissay is a lot calmer under pressure, also open minded.
with respect, Minalachew is Gittir even when he has a good point to make, a tough nut to crack.
To be fair, Ermias is very good at cross checking evidence and make conclusion, but his problem is, he can manipulate his argument towards intended goal rather than let the evidence reveal the truth.
commenter - 1065 days ago
Minalachew and Sisay the best ,Talented and genuin Journalists in ESAT
Thanks and God Bless u Both !!!
commenter - 1069 days ago
It is great to acknowledge the scarifies of Ethiopian, who gave us the most, to
install democracy on the land of dictatorship. In the nation where power dictates knowledge,
it is a right thing to acknowledge the bravery of few people who never kneeldown
for the inhuman injustice.
This is not only about Eskinder, It is about our heroes who fought dictatorship with
courage and determination !
the struggle will resume even with more intensity and yes, victory for democracy !!!!!!!!!!!
commenter - 1069 days ago
The comment below ask what is the free food recipient diaspora achieve that is a good question I can tell you what they achieve gray hair,depression,and a lot of garbage it come with that let this empty garbage received this homosexual filth to Washington once he come back we going put back where he belong.
commenter - 1070 days ago
To genuine Amhara activists, Amhara elites, etc.
and to all Amhraras who care about the future of Amhara people,

even today, Amhara people are deported from where they were born,
the injustice against Amharas will never stop until we stand up and fight,
Amharannet is not a new phenomenon as prof Mesfin told us,
Amharannet existed as long as Oromonnet, Tigrennet, Guragennet, etc.

For example, in America there is black and white politics, because there are blacks and whites,
in Africa there is no black and white politics, because everybody is black (except south-Africa).
if you lived in Addis you may not feel the existence of Amharannet because almost everybody was Amharic speakers.
Whereas the area I was born in south Oromia, I knew my Amharannet since I was a child long before woyane,
when I think about Amharannet, I think about my parents, I think about the people who were selectively massacred during ethio-Somalia war, I think about Arbagugu case, Welkaiet case, so many to mention. If I abandoned my Amharannet, which means I forget about the people who were massacred for being Amhara.

I just watched ESAT talking about Andargachew Tsige that he wrote a book called [Amhara keyet-wedeyet] during early days of woyane. According to ESAT... Andargachew had disagreement with woyanes specifically with Tamirat Layne the mistreatment of Amhara people. My question is, if Andargachew could see the injustice against Amhara people 27 years ago, why Amharannet is the recent phenomenon?

My main point is.... nobody will save Amhara people, we Amhara people must fight back, Dr Abiy can not save us, Dr Abiy is not our guarantor, Dr Abiy is not your mother who loves you unconditionally, everything is conditional, if he is unable to handle the pressure as prime minister, he could facilitate the future of Oromia and say goodbye buddy. Recently ownership of Addis Ababa has been progressed forward by Awaj, dont forget Dr Abiy came in power by the struggle of Oromo people.
We know about greater Tigray, even Somali region is well prepared with its own Liyu army,
only Amhara people are Mehal-Sefari waving flags, the flag is for all Ethiopians who believe in one Ethiopia,
why Amhara people get confused between Ethiopiawinnet and Amharannet?
I am AmharaFirst, I share Ethiopiawinnet with 80 ethnic groups, ethiopiawinnet does not belong to one ethnic.

Therefore, we Amharas need our own TV station equivalent to OMN, extremely important for our own existence as Amhara people to survive as human being equally with our brothers and sisters on that land,
we need quality Amhara leaderships, not wettette activists.
commenter - 1070 days ago
American Free food recipient diaspora what they achieve for the last 27 years .PUFF!
commenter - 1070 days ago
commenter - 1070 days ago
commenter - 1070 days ago
tplf woyanae hidden agenda the regime to stay in power must cratee proplem with egypet so ethiopian focus to egypet the prvious prmier hailemariam refused to take responspolitey that ethiopia can not afford ethiopia have many internal proplem , ethiopia know rule by members of securitey chairman getachew assefa and others from adwa city , the lineup oromo acdamic to power is a joke by tplf to buy time to stay in power,,
commenter - 1071 days ago
He said

To Tsehay Alemayehu,

It is a bit tasty and yet bitter term sporting event. I would better stick with the term., game. The latter might help FIFA or CAF discredit or ban Burundi CECAFA 2018 as a ground for the 2019 CAF under 17.

You know?