EthioTube Ankuar : አንኳር - መራራ ሲፈቱ ስንት ታሳሪዎች ይቀራሉ ? - Ethiopian Daily News : እለታዊ ዜና | Jan 25, 2018



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EthioTube Ankuar : አንኳር - መራራ ሲፈቱ ስንት ታሳሪዎች ይቀራሉ ? - Ethiopian Daily News : እለታዊ ዜና | Jan 25, 2018



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commenter - 1287 days ago
Hoya-Hoye politics!

What is yeArogge Flag??
What is yeMenelik Flag??

Let me tell you...
The flag during Menelik was.... RED-YELLOW-GREEN and the first letter of Menelik name in the middle,
The current flag.... GREEN-YELLOW-RED was reversed during Lij Eyasu 1913.
During Hailesilasie the lion in the middle, in fact the lion holding cross had been orthodox flag from 17 century.
During Derg the head of Axum obelisk in the middle and the lion head at the bottom,, etc.
During woyane, yellow pentagram star on blue disk, etc.

Very sad!
Millions of lives lost over misinformed politics for decades.
How many genuine political leaders lost their lives over misguided politics?
Sometimes I feel sorry for Lencho Leta and others,
rightly or wrongly, all their lives up and down, without settling down,
on top of that, they do not deserve to be ridiculed, specially by some Oromos.

50 years ago, if they had known that Hailesilasie was an Oromo,
if they had known that most neftegna were Shewans or Oromos,
if politics is based on the truth nothing but the truth!
claiming the good deeds but dumping the bad deeds on other ethnics,
why do we twist politics? why do we lie?
commenter - 1287 days ago
ወይዘሮ ምጽረሃን ዲርቅና ባይታከልበት ኑሮ ፕሮስቴና ኣስራ ስምንት ፐርሰንት ካቶሊክ ዴግሞ ኣንዲ ነጥብ ስዲስት ብቻ በፐርሴንት ሁነው ኣይቀሩም ነበር ለመሆኡ ሰንበቴ ምንዲር ነው ኣንዱን ዘግተው ቲያሴሩ ያኛው.... ዲብን::

Does not include islam., Reminder.

Stay a little bit 40.
commenter - 1287 days ago
Crazy BoLL heads., all over town.
commenter - 1287 days ago
===== ዛሬ ኣለም ሲሳይ ታገቧ ጃንሆይ ሎንዶን ሳሉ ኣርበኛው ኩሉ ዛሬ በጃማይካ መዋብያ ታህይሆን በፈረኒ ድሬድ ሎክ ይባል ኣይነት ወደ ግማሽ ግማሽ ሜትር ጎፈሬ ኣስዲገው ምነው ቲባልሉ ኣይ መቸም ችግሬ ኣሉ ኣሉ ችግሬ ምንዲር ነው ራኒንግ ኣወይ ለምንና እንዴት ተጧፈ?

Reminder., He said., it is not your dread or hair that you care about every day when you fight a resistance war. May be your rifle is what you care about every day. Rasta is born. The wax is better than the hair oil. It shines the mauser.
commenter - 1287 days ago
ተወድሮስ ኣጅሬ
ጎንደር ላይ ተሰብሯል ተገኝቷል ችግሬ
በልስቲ ነገረኝ ወደት ናት ሃገሬ
ኢትዮጵያ ኢትዮጵያ
ሃገሬ ሃገሬ
ወይ ምላጭ ችግሬ

Reminder., Post second Italo Abyssinian war chillout. Jah is coming back home. Lets do punk.