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ሰሞኑን መንግስት ማዕከላዊ እስር ቤትን ልዘጋ ነው ብሎ ማስታወቁን ተከትሎ፣ ጦማሪ በፍቃዱ ሃይሉ የራሱን የማዕከላዊ የስቃይ ወራት "ለቅሶዬን መልሱ" እያስታወሰ ይላል:- EthioTube Fidel Ena Lisan : ፊደል እና ልሳን | ከበፍቃዱ ሃይሉ - ለቅሶዬን መልሱ Click Here To Watch | ለማየት እዚህ ይጫኑ፦



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commenter - 1283 days ago

Woldia is on fire!

Dear ESAT, OMN, VOA, DW.... all medias,
Must be united against Nazi Woyane,
Our people are massacred everyday,
yesterday in Chelenqo, today in Woldia, tomorrow in Gambela, etc.
this must stop!!

Therefore, all the medias should choose one committee middle body to link all the medias,
the job of this body is, to have one voice to communicate with all
and call united protest all part of the country on so so dates,
from Gondar to Borena, from Gambela to Ogaden,
all medias should call for general protest the same day,
we can not afford to die one by one!

The second message is...
Woyane has penetrated all part of oppositions including medias,
cadres in prisons, cadres in diaspora restaurants following people,
numerous cadres on facebook, cadres inside Qerro movement, etc.
this is a mafia regime!

I heard that there is Afan Oromo college in Tigray
teaching Qubee to tigre cadres, this has been going on for decades,
these cadres are spread all part of Oromia using Oromo names,
as for Amhara region is obvious full of tigre cadres,
this mafia regime planed to rule Ethiopia for 100 years through criminal network.
until we destroy woyane network we will never win,
our targets are not poor tigre people, our targets are cadres!
whether tigre cadres, Amhara cadres or Oromo cadres,
our job is to identify cadres and cut off their network,
if necessary to eliminate them or bring them to justice.
commenter - 1285 days ago
Hoya-Hoye politics!

Most activists are politically illiterates, including Facebook Generals and some of prominent political figures. Why do we waste our time fighting against each other over minor issues? the elephant in the room is Woyane and only Woyane, therefore, the focus should be 99.9% on Woyane!.

Our struggle should be based on strategy execution, (not rivalry against each other). For example, the partnership between OPDO and ANDM, or between Qerro and Fano, is very important. It does not matter if Fano is less effective or not, but strategically and psychologically very important to include more groups. If two guys establish a business - they share 50/50 the risk, the more people join the less the risk. Imagine someone has got Wonchiff, someone got bazooka, someone got a pistol, someone with bare hand, they all throw one direction, by any means one will hit the enemy or overwhelm the enemy. Let us not alienate people or groups, if it contributes toward our struggle, every cent helps, if you deduct one cent from one million dollars, it is no longer one million.

Look, in principle I support political organizations such as Moresh-Wegene or any other Amhara groups. If other ethnics have a fork - I show them my fork, if they have a spoon - I show them my spoon, if they have a knife - I show them my knife. If ok to invite Dr Liban Wako for a meeting, why oppose Ato Tekle Yeshaw? double standard!. All our energy should be on the regime. My biggest frustration is with the people who advocate Ethiopiawinnet, they have not moved an inch from old mindset, they do not produce new ideas either, all they know is bombarding any groups who advocate the new Ethiopia based on bottom up structure. Whether call them Gonderes, Shewayes or Amharas, the same people are on the receiving end.

Let us expand the new ally between OPDO and ANDM, with Debub people, Afar people, even Somal people except Abdi Shelle. By the way, Lemma Megersa is not a fool, deeply intelligent wise guy. Calm down Oromo groups, people are entitled to compliment him in their own ways, some people refer him as Dagmawi Tedros, which means - atse Tedros united Zemene-Mesafint as one country, you are entitled to disagree but try not to send negative vibration toward team Lemma, this is the best opportunity for all of us, including for Tigres, please do not spoil it, thanks.
commenter - 1288 days ago
I don't understand what this guy talking about.