ፎረም 65፦ የ2017 ዳሰሳ - የአመቱ ተጽዕኖ ፈጣሪ ማን?



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ፎረም 65 ለዲያስፓራው ማህበረሰባችን መልካም አዲስ አመት እየተመኘን ፡ በ2017 ተጽዕኖ ፈጣሪዎች እነ ማን ነበሩ? የፎረም 65ትን የ2017 ዳሰሳ ውይይት ያድምጡ!



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commenter - 1150 days ago
Jawar OMN,

Jawar, as an individual, has the right to criticize Lemma and colleagues.
However, Jawar represents big media as well as one of the leading activists in Oromo politics, I do not understand why in hurry to criticize now? only few months ago Jawar campaigned to back the new OPDO leadership. Even if they performed below his expectation, to criticize them now, when woyane is tightening the rope around their necks, is not a wise move. You do not abandon your good friend in bad times, let alone brothers in arms. I mean, calling them Wushetamoch and Feriwoch, I am disappointed with Jawar.

I do not believe the criticism is only because Lemma and Abiy failed to attend the court to give witness statements for Bekele Gerba case, Bekele is used as excuse. This is not a few minutes comments about the court case, this is well prepared full program trying to take back ownership of the struggle, perhaps OromoFirst fanbase built on anti-Amhara Tifozo has shrunk, or maybe OBN is getting more popular. I can understand OMN bills must be paid.

I really feel sorry for Oromo people who have been fed with fake information making them paranoid of their Ethiopian brothers and sisters, Lemma broke the ice of fear. How can the largest ethnic with proud history retreating to the kitchen when they can claim the entire house, this is unheard of in the history of the world. The smaller ethnics can be threatened by bigger ethnics and seek for some kind of autonomy, but the largest ethnic is running away like a coward? something is wrong somewhere. Oromos have been made to think as minority, psychologically robbed to feel small.
commenter - 1152 days ago
የትግሬዎች (የፋንድያዎች) ዘር የመጨረሻ ከእንሰሳት ያልተሻለ የመጨረሻ የእህያዎች ስብስብ እንዴት ሊሆን ቻለ?አማራና ኦሮሞ እነዚህን ኋላ ቀር ሰዎች ሳያተምፘቸው ቀርቶ ሳይን የጥላቻና የሴጣን መንፈስ በላያቸው ላይ ስላለባቸው ይሄው እስከ አሁን አለቀቃቸውም ገደል ይዞአቸው ሊገባ ጥቂት ሰአቶች ቀርቶታል።

የትግሬዎች (የፋንድያዎች) ዘር የመጨረሻ ከእንሰሳት ያልተሻለ የመጨረሻ የእህያዎች ስብስብ እንዴት ሊሆን ቻለ?አማራና ኦሮሞ እነዚህን ኋላ ቀር ሰዎች ሳያተምፘቸው ቀርቶ ሳይን የጥላቻና የሴጣን መንፈስ በላያቸው ላይ ስላለባቸው ይሄው እስከ አሁን አለቀቃቸውም ገደል ይዞአቸው ሊገባ ጥቂት ሰአቶች ቀርቶታል።

የትግሬዎች (የፋንድያዎች) ዘር የመጨረሻ ከእንሰሳት ያልተሻለ የመጨረሻ የእህያዎች ስብስብ እንዴት ሊሆን ቻለ?አማራና ኦሮሞ እነዚህን ኋላ ቀር ሰዎች ሳያተምፘቸው ቀርቶ ሳይን የጥላቻና የሴጣን መንፈስ በላያቸው ላይ ስላለባቸው ይሄው እስከ አሁን አለቀቃቸውም ገደል ይዞአቸው ሊገባ ጥቂት ሰአቶች ቀርቶታል።

የትግሬዎች (የፋንድያዎች) ዘር የመጨረሻ ከእንሰሳት ያልተሻለ የመጨረሻ የእህያዎች ስብስብ እንዴት ሊሆን ቻለ?አማራና ኦሮሞ እነዚህን ኋላ ቀር ሰዎች ሳያተምፘቸው ቀርቶ ሳይን የጥላቻና የሴጣን መንፈስ በላያቸው ላይ ስላለባቸው ይሄው እስከ አሁን አለቀቃቸውም ገደል ይዞአቸው ሊገባ ጥቂት ሰአቶች ቀርቶታል።
commenter - 1152 days ago
Breaking News!

Abadula and Bereket are returning to their respective jobs,
what a joke!
They betrayed the people of Ethiopia.

Jawar has started to attack Lemma Megersa,
is it coincidence????????????
I remember Jawar said [politicians are Negadewoch, they go to where there is market]
I think this principle also applies to Jawar!

Dear genuine Oromo people and all Ethiopians,
the only option we have is to support Lemma and Gedu teams,
do not give up on them no matter what, the youth struggle will continue,
Lemma team already has made massive changes, we will never forget them.
To Amhara people, stand with Gedu, he is under pressure from Getachew Assefa,
it is not easy to struggle from inside the party, Gedu team well done!

Meantime, from now on, we should target woyanes on an individual basis,
we have to be selective, no more attacking collectively or BeJimlla..
we have to pick our target and follow up,
for example, who is Getachew Assefa?? follow the money,
follow up his wushimas, follow up his family members abroad,
expose this bastard mother faker, those people close to him send us his pictures,
secretly record him, this is our assignment.
commenter - 1153 days ago
Menelik Sefariwoch!!

I keep on hearing the above words over and over for months,
I first heard Tsegaye Ararsa using the word during master plan protest.

My question is - Who are Menelik Sefariwoch?
Ras Gobena? Fitawrari Habte Giyorgis Dinagde? etege Tayitu Betul? Ras Ali of wello? Negus Adal of Gojjam? Abunne Petros? Ras Mekonnen Gudessa the father of Hailesilasie? even Menelik mother believe to be an Oromo by the name of Ejigayehu Adeyemo.

What about Mengistu Hailemariam Ayana? Let us look at trusted inner circle of the butcher Mengistu.... his uncle ambassador Asrat w.Ayana, Captain Mengistu Gemechu, General Tesfaye G/Kidan, the notorious Colonel Tesfaye Woldesilasie, these are all Oromos trusted by Mengistu, even when he fled to Zimbabwe these were the only people who were secretly informed.

Most Neftegnas who traveled to control the south, east or west, were Shewans. Among Shewans majority were either Oromos or mixed ethnics background. When I grew up forty years ago, very rarely to find a Gondere or a Godjamme in rural Oromia, ofcourse there were in big cities like in Addis, in fact I first saw an Eritrean before I saw a Gondere. Let me tell you, in those days, local Muslim Oromos and Somalis considered all christians as Amharas, which is why Zeid Barre militias targeted all christians indiscriminately. On the other hand, the people who were called Gallas were Wakafecha followers, but in big cities the word is used to insult others.

Back to the question, who are Menelik Sefariwoch? Mesfin Feyissa of Facebook? Tolosa? Gemechu? Nazir? Biftu? Roman? etc.
Today I heard that Lencho Leta is not an Oromo, according to a bitter guy called BaleRobe on facebook Lencho is Shanqilla background? apparently Dawud Ibsa is yeMenelik Sefari from Gojam?? yeMenelik followers or yeMenelik Sefariwoch?
I am not daft, I understand the message, but the average person may not understand between yeMenelik sefariwoch and innocent Amhara people, they may think that your finger pointed at them, or the average Oromo person think that all Amhara people are guilty. Please the focus should be on woyane, I understand the frustration, but in time the old mindset will change, I remember the views they had for Eritrea but now nothing but respect.

Even those Atse kings never identified themselves as Amharas or Oromos, they used to say Solomonic dynasty descended from Queen Saba and king Solomon of Israel, they named towns and cities after religious names or Israeli names, they were not elected by Amhara people, crowned king of kings by the church. Even when Amhara people migrated to big cities they adopted short acceptable names in order to make their lives easier, for example.. those coming from north have long names, the city people would laugh at them, they mock them as backward balager. This is in every country, when our people travel to Arab countries, they adopt acceptable names. Please be fair on poor Amhara people.
commenter - 1153 days ago
I got to say this is the best conversation that I heard from Forum 65 staff, I found myself totally agreeing with Ato Yayeh, except he kept on saying EPRDF avoiding the word Hihwat or TPLF... EPRDF is empty Qeffo except few individuals struggling within EPRDF, everyone knows that the power base is TPLF. No doubt there is yeTigrewoch yeBelayinnet, even speaking Tigregna or having Tigregna name is an advantage, that not to say all Tigres are benefiting from the regime.

The biggest obstacle in our society is, we are unable to empathize, the first thing we must do before anything else, remove hate from our heart, listen to the recent speech of Dr Abiy Ahmed, he said [you burn yourself all night for a thing does not exist]. There are haters from all sides, there are extremists from all sides, for me personally I like Malcolm X quote that says [[ I am for truth, no matter who tells it, I am for justice, no matter who it is for or against]].

I think Oromos demand is not complicated, if I am not mistaken... 1) Aba-leffa or Aba-biya, yeMerete balebet lihun, use my own resources, etc. 2) Oromuma, Maninnete yiKeber, Qanquaye, Bahille, etc.. 3) Gada system, Berasse Geda SirreAt Littedadder, these are legitimate demands. The rest are propaganda from delusional Oromo activists seeking a separate country for Oromos, deporting other ethnics, etc. is a fantasy, it is impossible! either totally we finish each other, it will never work even if their wishes becomes reality, Oromos are the most diverse ethnic in Ethiopia, being the largest makes it even more difficult, not to mention the geographical demography.

For me, the winner of person of the year is Ato Lemma team, I also appreciate Gedu team for working together. Teddy Afro and Hachalu contributed in their own ways, both are not my type, Teddy sing about glorifying the past. Hachalu is negative, he should not have embarrassed OPDO officials after inviting them as VIP guests, nothing wrong with the singing about prisoners, etc but the timing was wrong, this is my opinion. Ali Birra is my godfather growing up with his songs, I appreciate for traveling to Bahirdar stretching their hands for peace and reconciliation, it is a good start.