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EBC - Remembering The Late Solomon Deressa



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EBC - Remembering The Late Solomon Deressa



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commenter - 108 days ago
Calm down guys!

Let us give chance to Lemma Megersa team,
do not rush to crown him king of kings,
do not rush to judge him one way or the other.

extreme ethnic nationalists already think that Lemma is neftegna background,
hardliner Ethiopianists also think that he is woyane,
there are other group who are praising him too much unnecessarily.

All I am saying is that calm down,
do not spoil the game prematurely,
Lemma and his team are under pressure,

woyanes are also looking for someone to save them,
the unity camp also looking for someone to sing Ethiopiawinnet,
Oromo nationalists are also looking for liberator,

So, Lemma team are under pressure from all sides,
it is not easy job, the guys are trying, give them chance.
Do not rush to spoil the game,

I watched the leadership of OPDO speaking in afan Oromo in Adama parliament,
Lemma and Abiy looked very comfortable, they seemed to have deep knowledge,
on the other hand, Werkineh Gebeyehu does not seemed to be comfortable.

Lemma knows that they should not be pushed by wind pressure,
they should keep on doing the right thing,
they will succeed as long as the people of Oromo and Ethiopia support them.