11 dead after another round of fatal clash .



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11 dead after another round of fatal clash.



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Dear all,

What is the point of educated person???
the whole point of educated person is not just 1+1=2,
to understand other peoples feelings,
to put yourself in their shoes, emphatic intelligence.

I have just watched ESAT the latest discussion on the current issues,
hosted by Sisay Agena and three panelists.
From the last discussions weeks ago, this one slightly adjusted their views,
the panelists are giving Lemma Megersa team the benefit of doubt, although they are suspicious.

Here is my take on this, these old mindset people can only see their version of Ethiopiawinnet,
they do not trust any other Ethiopiawinnet, they are the legal owners of Ethiopiawinnet.
The fact that Lemma Megersa, Dr Abiy Ahmed, Addisu Arega, etc worked in woyane dehninnet is an advantage,
they are elected by Adama parliament, not appointed by TPLF as Sisay Agena is suggesting,
they are born out of last year protests.

The chauvinists think that they are the chosen ones who know Ethiopiawinnet better than anybody else,
unless the chauvinists bless Ethiopiawinnet for the rest of us, they think Ethiopiawinnet doomed to fail.
They underestimated Oromos Ethiopiawinnet, they are suspicious of Lemma Megersa preaching togetherness.

I see Lemma Megersa our version of Emanuel Macron the new fresh president of France,
Emanuel Macron was a minister in the previous government but resigned,
he setup his own party, within a year he became the youngest president in Europe.

In life people change, evolution of learning progression, Lemma Megersa generation learned and progressed,
they reached to the truth, the facts, the reality, practicality, workable future, focusing on common areas,
Lemma Megersa team are not trying to destroy Oromo-ness, Amhara-ness, Kambta-ness, etc. the new Ethiopia is based on respect from bottom up, where every culture is intact, Guji culture, Argoba culture, protecting Waako religion from Christianity and Islam, Waaq is African should be protected by law, if Ethiopia is dismantled the waako followers will be the first victims, Yazidi people in Syria slaughtered, rapped, enslaved.

The chauvinists keep on mentioning about threat from some Oromo group seeking secession,
let me give you an example, Oromo-ness itself is diversity, everything is contained in Oromo-ness(Oromuma), if you alienate one group, for example if isolate the Islamic wing, you are driving them to expand to recruit muslim Amharas, muslim Gurages, muslim Somalis, muslim Hadiyas, muslim Gumuz, etc. be careful there will be unintended consequences. The way I see it, Oromo-ness is strength to Ethiopians unity, Amhara-ness is strength to Ethiopiawinnet, and so forth.

What really annoyed me, one of the three panelists Ato Gizaw Legese,
he said that Amhara nationalism is a danger to Ethiopiawinnet,
oh my god, I hate these people more than woyane, these are the enemy of poor Amhara people,
what is the difference between ato Gizaw and ato Alemnew Mekonnen?
at least ato Alemnew is open about his opinion of Amhara people.

These old mentality goons can only see their version of Ethiopiawinnet,
when Dergue regime collapsed and subsequently, they were strongly against secession of Eritrea,
but now they are promoters of Eritrea. They were haters of Oromo-ness, but now in bed with Lenchos.
Right now Amharas are on the receiving end, but the difference is, missiles thrown at Amharas from two directions, from woyane sides and from Akrari old mindset chauvinists.

These chauvinists calling themselves profs doctors, carrying diff-diff brains,
they are trying to hijack the new progressive Ethiopiawinnet led by the young generation Lemma Megersa team.
I can not stand these Debtera chauvinists, the amount of titles they carry, unbelievable!
they call each other antu Professor, antu engineer X, yesterday I heard someone being addressed Daqon X, etc.
Let me tell you, my doctor is Ato Gemechu Taddesse Jufar on facebook, my professor is Ato Mesfin Feyisa, tagay Ersitte, my chocolate Mekdes from Israel, Tolossa, Hayat, etc so many to mention, even Ambo Menelik Urge is educational, what do I learn from [Vision Ethiopia]? a waste of time, I would rather watch comedy Mamme-mamme on Dr-engineer page.