Ethiopian filmmaker Zekarias Tibebu wins TAFF 2017 Best Emerging Filmmaker for EWIR AMORA KELABI



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Zekarias Tibebu Mesfin (Ethiopia), gives emotional speech in Amharic as a Voice of America journalist interprets for him, after winning TAFF 2017 Best Emerging Filmmaker for EWIR AMORA KELABI - a film that he made based on true life experience as a refugee.



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commenter - 1324 days ago
Henok did not interpret it literally. He rather filled in the gap in what Zekarias should have told the audience. lol
commenter - 1325 days ago
Gudu Award 2010.
commenter - 1325 days ago
Le Artistu Le Hulu.
commenter - 1325 days ago
Le Aratistu Le Hulu.
commenter - 1325 days ago
Me Artistu Me Hulu.,

When you hit 24000 hours of youtube, you hit 1000 days milestone. Red economy would hit 12.

Happy 2010 in particular.,

With love,

commenter - 1326 days ago
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