Kenya bans the use of plastic bags



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A ban on plastic carrier bags in Kenya takes effect on Monday 28th August 2017. Anyone found manufacturing, selling or carrying plastic bags, will pay a fine of up to 38-thousand US dollars or a jail term of not less than a year.



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commenter - 1344 days ago
Breaking News!!

Kenyan court call for re-election in 60 days,

elelelelelelelelel elelelelelel elelelelelele....

WONDATA..... Kenyan justice system.....

This is the best day for Kenya after independence day and the best day for Africa,

The Kenyan court has found the electoral commission committing fraud by breaking the law and the constitution of Kenya.

The so called election observers including John Kerry, accepted the election result saying [free and fair] even before the result was counted. 100% woyane shamble election blessed by Obama.

I love you Kenyan independent court, good lesson for hodam cadre judges in Ethiopia.

The current president Uhuru Kenyatta accepted the court decision for re-election.

It does not matter who will win the election, probably Uhuru Kenyatta will win it again,
but the law is above any politician, justice have been served.
commenter - 1346 days ago
plastic bags are luxury created for white people, we Africans do not need them,
in Ethiopia we got Silicha thanks to our goats