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Protest resurfaces in Oromia and Amhara regions
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commenter - 1004 days ago
Jawar is experimenting how a professional protests
would effectively works in Oromia .
commenter - 1005 days ago
Protests are called not for fun. They are there to demand accountability for loss of human lives and property by the terror gang in power. 1) Free ALL Political prisoners, journalists, students and artists. 2) Allow international independent investigators into the murder of thousands people by terror junta and compensate the victims of TPLF terror. 3) Stop war TPLF declared on oromo civilians on Eastern Oromia. 4) No taxation without representation. As these are not private demands everyone residing in Oromia is expected to join these protests. Those who choose not to join are best advised move to other states of their choice for their own safety. Remaining in oromia and not participating in local protests can be a source of deadly violence for a long time to come. So, it best to speak French if you live in France.
commenter - 1005 days ago
ሃይ ቤቢዬ ዲድ ዩ ሄልፕ ዩር ካውንትሪ? በይ ኣንዲ መቶ በጥሺና ካር ኦክሺን ልውሰዲሽ:: መቸስ ማጎደኒ ታድያ ለኛ ኣደገኛ ቁጭ በሉ ፈረንጂ ዳኛ ወይንም ነገረ ፈጂ ኣዴራ::

commenter - 1005 days ago
የሠራህን በዓይንህ አይተህ

ሲወሻክት ወይም ሰምተህ

ልታቆመው ብትነሳ

በዝምታ ፊት ብትነሳ

አፍሮ ይተው እንዳይመስልህ

ስምህን ነው ሚከትፍልህ

ከዛ - ይልቅ

ነገርህን አ’ርገህ ድብቅ

ትንሽ ጊዜ ብትጠብቅ

እንደ ወትሮው ሱሱን ሊያደርስ

ካ’ንዱ ሊቀምስ

ካ’ንዱ ሊልስ

ከሰው ጋራ ሲቀላቀል

ባልታሰበ የፊት ተንኮል

ተይዞልህ ፊትህ ሲቀል

መፋረጃህ ያን ጊዜ ነው

ተቀላቅለህ አብረህ በለው

ወይንም በዓይንህ ገድለህ ማረው
commenter - 1005 days ago
ወንዲምዬ ኣማሪካ ተ ሮማዋያን ወግና ተተናኩላኝ እንጂ ሆድ ይፍጀው መቸም:: ተጥናቱ ዲርቆሽ በፈረንጂ ቺፍ ኮምፕለይን ይሉታል ምላስ ሰምበር ኣንጀት የኣይን KፋKፍት ኩሉ ጨምሮ ሚከሰት ዲርቀት ነው:: ዲርቀት ዴግሞ በ ባዎከምስትሪ ኦርጋኒክ ይሉታል ግርዶሽ ብሎም ስቆሽን ኩሉ ጥፌ ነበር:: ከዱኝ::

ቸር ኣይግጠምህ
commenter - 1005 days ago
Traumatic episode made him unable or disabled. The Olfactory hallucination was explained by professor as hallucinatory olfaction. May be he had some stuff with so0meone before then. God knows where the hidden or buried truth is. Did you have a starlet who was not ready or stuff twenty years ago?
commenter - 1005 days ago
Evil Eye Teko
Dear Evil Eye,

The maximum damage that can be inflicted to your Delilah Fire is if they developed Olfactory hallucination. It means that they must leave St. Michael Church on Sunday morning if they spot you after you took satanic shower for more than three hours even. You got bad odor. We are patients. Your eyes are like pussy. Your presence is sin. You got some red stuff.

commenter - 1005 days ago
the apointmnet of mr lema mergessa the former head of securitey and the apointmnet of general worhneh gebeyhu hed of police in the past know ethiopia forighen minster wrong , wrong those two crminal massacre oromo youth they are wanted crminal oromo people will not rest those crminal face justice..
commenter - 1005 days ago
the apointmnet head of oromia state mr , lema megessa the former head of securitey wrong , lema is a crminal he have oromo youth blood in his hand lema massacre tens thousendes oromo ,, also the former head of ethiopia police worhneh gebehuhy wrong , worhneh know ethiopia forighen minster a wanted crminal murderer not only in oromia to all ethiopia,,
commenter - 1005 days ago
What you gained by stooping would be lost by stooping. To Nursisian Tibebu Pagan.