ፎረም 65፦ የዐማራ ብሔርተኝነት ለምን?



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በዐማራ ብሔርተነት ላይ በማህበራዊ ሚዲያ ከሚጽፉ ወጣቶች ውስጥ አቶ አያሌው መንበር እና አቶ ሙሉቀን ተስፋው ጋር በፎረም 65 ላይ "የዐማራ ብሔርተኝነት ለምን?" በሚል አጭር ቆይታ አድርገናል።



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commenter - 1505 days ago
Thanks for comment below. I am glad horrible Yodit Gudit got her medicine. We will chase follow up woyane cadres in diaspora, I know some of them and working on it, all kind of fake identities claiming social welfare while working in embassies, abuse of diplomat protection, fake business deals, secret homo pedophiles, specially Somali region officials extremely corrupt ogaden clan gangs drug dealers, they do not have even a little habesha yulunta. The current federal system benefited the Ogaden clan to loot, somali region is one of the poorest but they gave 10 million to woyane officials in Tigray in the name of displaced tigre people from Gondar in recent protest, they delivered the money personally elderly men traveled all the way to Mekelle. That Somali region president is a pedophile, supply little children for sex to woyane officials.
commenter - 1505 days ago
We will fight TPLF/woyanes and woyanes rats in all fronts.
Ethiopian Yodit Wolderufael which is Ethiopian (from Tigray) by the name Helen Hailu, but used a fake Identity as an Eritrean to get refugee in the USA. She is now in trouble because Ethiopian-Americans from the Oromo and Amhara ethnic gave the government of the USA the evidence that she is not Eritrean. She is now in real trouble and maybe will lose her papers.
This could be a big trouble for woyane supporters in diaspora which used a fake identity as Eritreans to get refugee in USA, Europe and Australia.
commenter - 1505 days ago
Mr. TPLF/woyane do not try to change the target of the real Ethiopians and the ultimate goal of every Ethiopian is to create TPLF/woyane free Ethiopia after that we can discuss other things. First we have to destroy woyane and woyanes supporter once for all.
commenter - 1505 days ago
The Italian colonial map was based on federal of kingdoms + federal of ethnics + federal of tribes from similar cultural backgrounds, a lot better than unfair Woyane map based on (pick and choose) as they wished.

All African countries including Eritrea adapted colonial boundaries map. If we go back to Italian regional boundaries map:-

Amhara region = half of Benishangul starting from sirba Abay all the way to Humera even Tekeze river was inside Amhara region (check the map).

In fact the Italians had better understanding than woyane.

There was mix ethnics Shewa( Scioa) kingdom, Addis Abeba was the capital city of Shewa region.

There was the Muslim part of Oromia Diredawa, Harar, Jijiga, Arsi, Bale, called Harrar region.

There was region called Galla-Sidamo starting from half of Benishangul Asosa, Welega, Illubabor, southern nations, etc. By the way, the word (Galla) was not invented by Menelik, the name (Galla) existed long before the name (Ethiopia) existed when the country used to be called Abyssinia.

So, if we follow colonial map, Tigray was very small included in the region called Erytrea.
commenter - 1505 days ago
Wondemoche bezihm tebale
Bezia. Amhara ke hulum yaxa
Xqmun yemayasxebq aqoam
Ethiopiaiwnt ledrdr indiqerb
beine Lencho ina Berhanu
yetesherbe wexmed wust
bequslu texeqmew ketewutal.
Yih le tser andnetoch telq
del neaw.
commenter - 1505 days ago
Weyane does not want amara nationalsim. Shabia does not want amara nationalsim. Esat does not want amqra nationalsim.

Only Amaras know what is good for Amaras!
commenter - 1505 days ago
commenter - 1505 days ago
Forum 65 should discuss about how to Get Ride Off woyane once and for all, if this forum is not part of woyane and part of the problems in our country.
commenter - 1505 days ago
Forum 65 is Woyane propaganda forum please do not care about this program.
woyane’s game “divided and conquer policy” is over.
commenter - 1505 days ago
I see a lot of Amhara elites begging the Oromo Elites (some times leaking their ass) to befriend them and to show other that they have are in love with each other. But I see the Oromo elites showing the Amhara elites their middle finger. In the face of insults from the Oromo elites, the Amhara elites try to cover our eyes so we do not see them being humiliated by the Oromos. If you dare repeat what the Oromo elites just said to them, you will be labelled conspirator to divide the two people, bla bla....

In just few months here is what Jawar told them:

1. Jawar Mohammod, a prominent Oromo activists: Ethiopia out of Oromia!
2. Jawar Mohammod, Ethiopia is imposed on me!
3. Jawar Mohammod, I am Oromo first. My country is Oromia!
4. Jawar Mohammod, gilgel neftegna opposing the empowerment of Oromo people through the opening of OMN. Oromo First!
5. Jawar Mohammod, gilgel neftegna trying to hijack Oromo protest. We don't need your help please. Oromo people can finish the task. Enjoy the show. The bill is on us!

In response, the Amhara elites:
1. Fekade Shewakena: [Jawar eko endeza yalew] le kifat ayedelem. .... translated... "Jawar said that with good intension!" ..... lol
2. Tamagn Beyene: shushshshshshshshsh
3. Abebe Gelaw: Woyane kefafelen

Poor Amhara elites, I feel for you!