#OromoProtests - Funeral service for Chala Mohammed who was shot killed by security forces in Haramaya | Jan. 13, 2016



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#OromoProtests - Funeral service for Chala Mohammed who was shot killed by security forces in Haramaya | January 13, 2016



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commenter - 1879 days ago
wow conguragulation Tamagne Beyane Gala Motem Norem Minem AYseram Belawal Minelik WOND AMHARA
commenter - 1880 days ago
Ayee, ayee ye tigree neger.
Ahunim sewun bemegdel yehizb ametse maaqoom yemitichiluu meselachihu.
Ke million tigre and ahiya yeteshale yasibal.
commenter - 1880 days ago
Revolution will continue until we see Abbay Tsaye and all TPLF terrorists hanged at Mesqel Square, dead or alive!
commenter - 1881 days ago
This agame Qomal people need to pay the price for what they have done against innocent Ethiopian.
commenter - 1881 days ago
Jawar & Dimtsachin Yisema
are responsible for the loss of
life .
commenter - 1881 days ago
Tplf will pay for the consequences. The Ethiopian people are watching this heinous crime that tplf is committing on Oromo people.
commenter - 1881 days ago
What would Taitu and Balcha Aba Nafso have said if they were alive today? If only they had known that the children of the very people whose lives they have saved from extinction would one day threaten their own children, then they would have fought someone else than (or in addition to) the Italians. Neither would the 100,000 mainly oromo solders not allow themselves to be used as cannon fodders in recent Wayane-Eritrean war.

Anyways, but if we did not sympathize with and receive barabas (sandal) wearing, hungry soldiers into our land 25 years ago?

We made them billionaires to become 5-star hotel owners, bankers, and Mercedes drivers, Ministers, Ambassadors, and “investors” overnight, all by robbing our country and bleeding our people. We provided them with fresh air and water and fed them food they had not known, butter, milk and honey, even while millions of our people go hungry. Now they found appetite in something unique and delicious: blood of our children!

If genocide of our people is moral, if killing, incarceration and torture of tens of thousands of political opponents and journalists is moral, if eviction of millions of our people from their ancestral homelands is moral, if rape and mass killing of children, artists, students, and pregnant women is moral then, SETTING FIRE (ESAT, IBIDA) on ALL terrorist-related property throughout the country is NOT less moral, and the revolution must continue until they unconditionally and immediately release ALL political prisoners without exception and surrender state power to the people whose votes they have stolen from.

To the oppressed people of Ethiopia:

First and foremost, remove and tear down the ethnic cancer the terrorists put in your mind only to divide and rule us. We are no longer Oromos, Amharas, Gurages, Sidama only: we are oppressed ETHIOPIANS and we must fight and overcome the terrorist state as such. Do not wait until your door is knocked and your child taken to be killed by the terrorists. United we can defeat them in a matter of days or weeks. Divided, they can continue to do what they have been doing for the past 25 yrs, kill us one by one.

A single burning tire in Addis is more visible around the world than the 150,000 Ethiopians perished in the hands of terrorist Agazis in the last two months n one even criticizing them from so-called "international community". I challenge the world that the TPLF may have killed more Ethiopians since they came to power than did Adolf Hitler to the Jews, and that with blunt support from "international community", especially Washington and Europeans who declared them their "ALLY"! Yes, an ally in killing children of Ethiopia. They and the TPLF junta are are the main beneficiarries when our people bleed. Our farmland is being used for growing flowers for their supper markets and biofuels for their cars and for damping their industrial waste in our rivers which we and our cattle drink from. They have found a good "ally" in a state terrorist group called TPLF indeed.

Adolf, Gadafi and Sadam were all bad dictators who deserved their destiny. But, to the best of my knowledge, none of these dictators have been as bestial and as savages as TPLF state terrorists, who obviously have learned nothing in their lives other than kill, regardless of whom, what, where and when, as the west continues to ignore the cry of Ethiopians calling them" democratically elected government" .

The people of A.A. should not wait for children from Wallaga, Salale or Ambo to come and take away fear from them or until foreign intervention arrives, but Addis Ababa residents hold the key to deposing the regime as they are physically closest to the palace. Get out to the street of 4 kilo in millions everyday and elsewhere throughout the city. The terrorists may kill some of us but in the end the people always prevail and that is our aim, freedom to the majority at the price of some of us.

ALL home and foreign based opposition (PAFD, G7, Medrek, Semayawi etc.) must:

1) Immediately prepare a common framework for a transitional administration after the inevitable sudden collapse of the regime and to prevent chaos thereafter.

2) Be very disciplined and organized not only to guide and inform the population throughout the revolution.

3) Distance themselves from any action or speech that would weaken the current coalition for freedom.

4) Not expect smooth transfer of power and prepare for every eventualities.

5) NOT ask the terrorist regime a permission to hold demonstrations! This is a fatal and complete misunderstanding of their fake constitution which says you notify them (not ask permission from!!) 48 hrs ahead. Why should a repressive regime give you permission to protest against it? In short, never be guided by the regime. People have the right to hold demonstrations anywhere and anytime they want!! Game is over.

6) Not least, guard the revolution against hijacking by wayane’s Sisis!

Victory for ALL oppressed Ethiopians!
commenter - 1881 days ago

Hopefully you will soon be free from this tyrant government !