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Amos21 - 1712 days ago
Hi dear friend and fellow Ethiopian! How are you doing? Anyway I just wanted to say something. You said " I am running Alone and none is watching my videos" That is totally a mistake and misunderstanding. Didn't you watch how many people watched there? Here you are Has watched: 1812 videos
People have watched Amos21 videos: 1134198 times
Why I do talk about Muslims? Didn't you hear or watch what the Muslims say? I am just answering them. I am replying to their false accusation of the bible and of Jesus Christ!
cegem - 1764 days ago
Thank you for your encouraging comment on my song "bizu nebere megnote" in honor of the dembi dolo mother and all the countless innocent victims of injustice and brutality.
Amos21 - 1926 days ago
Thank you very much for watching and listening to the precious and life-saving word of God. Keep on listening because you may come to the true light who is Jesus Christ. This is the greatest job to do because Jesus says that what God wants from us is that we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Amos21 - 1980 days ago
Hi! don't be negative rather be optimistic! You can search and watch or listen whatever you want to!
Amos21 - 2060 days ago
IF Physics and Math are difficult for you, be sure the word of God must be more difficult for you to understand. Fortunately, there is one hope for you and your friends, just be willing to learn and have open mind.