President El Sisi: I will not allow the Grand Renaissance Dam damage Egypt’s relationship with Ethiopia


CAIRO: Newly elected Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi said on Sunday that the grand Renaissance Dam currently in construction by Ethiopia in Benshangul State should not be used as a scapegoat to damage a sisterly relationship between Egypt and Ethiopia saying Egypt will not allow any damaging relationship to occur with any other African sisterly country.
Heads of state, ministers and diplomats are arrived in Egypt to take part in the inauguration of president-elect Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi on Sunday.
El-Sisi also fired a warring shot at Muslim brotherhood who recently plunged the country into chaos:
“Egyptians must differentiate between Islamic scholars who preach “true, moderate Islam” & radical preachers who promote extremism. we cannot allow Egypt to be guided by extreme Islamic views promoted by radicals” – Sisi said
Al-Sisi was announced president last week, after winning 96.9% of valid votes, totalling 23,780,104, beating the other contender, Nasserist politician Hamdeen Sabahy. 
The cabinet on Thursday last week announced that Sunday, the day of the inauguration, would be a public holiday. 
During the ceremony, the president-elect took the oath-of-office before the Supreme Constitutional Court.  His supporters have scheduled a number of celebrations leading up to Sunday to mark the occasion.

6 thoughts on “President El Sisi: I will not allow the Grand Renaissance Dam damage Egypt’s relationship with Ethiopia

  1. IT is high time for we Ethiopians to use our water for power ,that is useful to AFRICA .Egypt is part of Africa that was benefiting and will benefit more from Abay.For the future the more green Ethiopia will be,more rain more additional water,no threat of shortage of water down stream .Positive thinking will bring best life for AFRICA. Past history of Colonial advantage has gone away with Colonialism itself . Let us be free People with free mind .Forward with AFRICAN ETHIOPIA .
    Thank You Sirs.

  2. try to be together and bult AFRICA forget every thing and let GOD do his work just creat love

  3. ኢትዩን እግ|ር ይጠብቃት።አናምናቸወም! ኢትዩ ለዘላለም ትኑር።we Don’t Believe The Idea Of Egypt President Because His Speech Carry Diffirent Message Beyond His Idea.We Ethiopians Don’t Give Hand Any Foreign Invaders God Bless Ethiopia!!

  4. egyptians, dont forget that ethiopians have the chance using the down ward flows of the river as a weapon. this strategy is more than a sattelite. ethiopians may use the way of polluting the water to the responce if egyptians measure becomes so harsh.

  5. We are happy in it as so many webs were telling us saying ‘ the coup built satellite’ in controlling Ethiopia’s recent Dam.

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