Fugera News – Episode 12


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  1. wedaja setegoregure ye rasehen beteseboche endatasyezachew Ethiopia weste yaltenekaka yelem

  2. migerm sira lay neberku …gin min yaregal ,enante eyalachiw min sira yiseral ….tiz sitilugn sirayen tiche ke lelitu 8;48 lay online gebiche yenanten fugera mesmat jemerku ….fogari hula ,afer bilu …betam new mtsedugn …lemn yehonech procces jemrachiw ,enante ga atametugim ena abren anfogrim …tiru fogari negn ….asibubet !!!!
    melsun betolo

  3. I didn’t see any body who presented the land garbing in Ethiopia. Thank u guys anjeten arasachut .

  4. andi heha hager layi kuch biye habtamuwan hagr bitech ena tseyaf kalati bitekem yenen alawainet or knat new mimeslibign…silezih silematakaw negar kemeleflef mejemeriya sile saudi arabiya lemawak mokri..

  5. I would put you on top of other medias that wanted to create awareness and share their concerns about the current issues. I admire your thorough research on the subject and presenting it with your unique Fuegra skills coupled with your visual reporting that wove together text, audio, images and videos…etc PERFECTO ! Now when you show the protest against Saudi Gov. I was expecting you to show and report about us Eritreans who stood along with Ethiopians against Arab inhuman treatment. any ways i want to convey that one day when we have real Governments in Eri and Ethio that truly care about their People we shall work together to restore our dignity.

  6. Simply the best! I couldn’t believe my eyes when i read peoplz complaining about, fugeraz using the word wehabi and therefore are anti islam! that is insane! the truth is Saudi Arabians strictly follow wahabism.that doesn’t mean it is bad, but that is the truth. Let’s us not be blinded by our love for our religion to the point of, not even recognizing what the real message of the video clip is. the message is, us Ethiopians of every religion must look at our relationship with Saudi Arabia.they are not good for us! I didn’t find anything that offended my religion. sewoch tergagu! this fugera is 100% ewnetegna! yimechachu!

  7. ምን ዐይነቱ ነህ በናትህ? ከ6ወራት በሁዋላ መጥተህ ዘና የሚያደርግ ነገር እንደማቅረብ ሲያቆስሉን የከረሙ አሳዣኝ ዚናዎችን ትደግምልናለህ?

  8. አቦ ያራዳ ልጅ ፈሱ መዳኒት ነው እስኪ እንደዚ ፋክቱን በቃ ዱቅ ዱቅ ዱቅ አርጊው

  9. I totally love this show. It is ironic how the news on tv isn’t even giving accurate information and your parody is. I weep for humanity and all those monkey’s leading our country. But we can only hope and pray for the best. I love your sense of humor, make more episodes, I will keep on watching!!!! Much love

  10. bewnet ahun gena yewsten neger tenagerahut ewnet betam des beloGal kegebachw ende negeruwachw ,really it is great……

  11. Anta gematam yagamah, Belah Belah ba Muslim matah, Damom bahabtachew, kenah, malat yamigahahen tetah Lela tezabarekaleh, yelukunes badanb layetah atena sela Muslim lek endamiyawke hula wahabiya Belah tenagaraleh, weha yeblah ena, duros kandananta chamlaka, Besbes menyetabakal, agasas hula!!

  12. wow…i mean WOW! THIS IS DEEP,MATURED AND EXTRAORDINARY NEWS ANALYSES! wuha temituachehu,kezikaza wuha bebiricheko chilit cetaregu aynet erkata yelem…!

  13. Wow u nailed it.i haven’t seen for long time such informative “news” with humor.u showed Etv and bigwigs r more scumbags.the gov’t too reactionary to these incident…keep it up bro. I usually enjoyed ur show.FOR NOW I CALL A PETTITION TO BE SACKED ZERIAY ASGEDOM AND REPLACED BY FUGERA GUY…OBVIOUSLY EYEFOGERLUSH NEW…..KKKKKKKK!

  14. eskezare yekoyehew shntebet kuch bleh eyetemesetk new enda???egna anchin eko new be gugut ena be amora mintebkew atetfu tolo tolo nu betam tmestalachu!!

  15. I enjoy this very much, PLEASE NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, DON’T STOP

  16. Hi Folks. Your Fugera News contained great facts, esp. about the so called “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” and the historic aspect of its formation. I find it quite interesting and creative how you mix humour with significant piece of information, coupled with impressive analysis on the subject matter…something that your viewers should be aware of. I like watching your program. Keep it up.

  17. OMG ! incredible job, and it all the clips makes me angry” leka eyayen zem blen alfenewal ! “

  18. wow wow wow this’s really funny + educated by the way Ethiopian they are not eaten there vegetable and meat and stupid animal Arabs they eat all thanks for woyane what next

  19. hailye. ETV min serto yibla? you get all the positive of saudi investment. ezi min targaeleh?

  20. OMG!! u Guys are the best !!! I just wondering what are we waiting for? yeweyane astedader mwedeq alebet !!! How..?

  21. yalmote sew ena zinjbil negada yigenagnal,,aleh enday yemotik mesilogn neber sitefa giza,,,aref new yakerebikew gin koyeh berta

  22. Good job, I hope u will not be discouraged by these paid “commenters’
    those who want funny things please go and watch ETV it is 100% funny .
    Here things are getting serious, OK

  23. There may be times when we are powerless to prevent in justice,but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. Elie Wiesel

  24. Not so bad. be timely though. If u have to present us abt Ethiopians mistreated and displaced in Saudi, then the issue has to be abt their relocation in Ethiopia!

  25. You are smart enough! I agree with all your arguments!….you are so late for episode 12….:)

  26. This is not fugera and you compiled it in very narrative way and it can be historical document.tnx fugerawoch!

  27. እ…..አሪፍ ነው ግን በጣም ቆየ እንደዚህ አትቆይ እረስተንህ ነበር በተረፈ ምርጥ አቀራረብ ነው::

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