Ethiopian Airlines to showcase flight fully handled by women

November 17, 2015

The evening of Wednesday 18th November will mark another major historical milestone at Ethiopian Airlines, when they will be showing the world a fully women operated flight from their home base airport of Addis Ababa to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi return.
This Ethiopian Airlines flight will be fully handled by women. On the ground this includes baggage handling, Maintenance & Engineering, load control, flight planning, cargo handling, ramp
coordination etc. Onboard the flight, it will be operated by a female captain and co-pilot, female cabin crew and female flight technicians etc.

Ethiopian Airlines dedicated attitude and display to equal engagement and equal treatment in all aspects of life will mean a significant increase in global Economic growth. Ethiopian Airlines is inviting the world to watch this historical flight.

Ethiopian Airlines is a former World Airline Awards winner, and is currently ranked as a 3-Star Airline. With the fleet revitalisation and renewal programme, Ethiopian Airlines has targeted achieving the 4-Star Airline rating in the near future.

Source: Ethiopian Airlines

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