Egypt asks Ethiopia to resume negotiations over ‘Renaissance Dam’


Wednesday, 02 July 2014

Ethiopia has received an official letter from Egypt suggesting the resumption of negotiations between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan over the Renaissance Dam, a senior Ethiopian official has said.

Turkish news agency Anadolu quoted the director of the Ethiopian department of trans-border rivers, Faqih Ahmed, as saying that the Egyptian irrigation ministry had suggested trilateral negotiations between Cairo, Khartoum and Addis-Ababa to discuss the construction of Ethiopia’s multibillion-dollar hydroelectric dam on the upper reaches of the Nile.

Faqih also noted that the presidents of Ethiopia and Egypt had met last week on the margins of an African Summit held in Guinea and agreed to resume the negotiations on the basis that all refrain from harming the other. He also noted that his country is studying the Egyptian suggestion.

Meanwhile, spokesperson of the Egyptian irrigation ministry Khalid Wasif confirmed to Anadolu that Egypt has called for the Ethiopians to resume trilateral negotiations in Cairo in the middle of July.

“After an agreement on the negotiations, it is natural reach a deal,” Wasif said. “The Egyptian irrigation minister sent a letter to his counterpart on this issue and [the Ethiopian side] agreed on the resumption of talks,” he added.

Earlier this year, Ethiopia accused Egypt of carrying out a propaganda campaign regarding the Renaissance Dam. Egypt responded by saying that Ethiopia had closed the road to negotiations over the dam.

Source: Middle East Monitor

4 thoughts on “Egypt asks Ethiopia to resume negotiations over ‘Renaissance Dam’

  1. we seen sirsely we not open door more to del abaut our blood dams ethiopia goverment donit messitak we seen properly egptian suggestion .”END CHEMRNEW ENXHARESALEN ETIOPIA TQDEM”

  2. It is an advance step forward between the two country, realy this is the type of thing i like the most

  3. Dear customs,am so hesitated why Egypt is not clearly identified its position.
    I suggested as a citizen that,our government should take care seriously how Egyptians are
    mischievous and fabulous and fakes. We should learn from ‘Bilata.’ G.egziabher’s agreement after the
    battle of Gurae’ in 1876. And the consequence of British requests to evacuate Egyptians from the siege by the Mahadist in Sudan through Massawa. What their defiance was a wound and threat of the Ethiopian territory and independence.

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