A Response To The New York Times Article Titled “Nobel Peace Prize: A Growing List of Questionable Choices”


By Ghion W. Dessie

I just read a news article on The New York Times that questions the decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali of Ethiopia. It was a one sided article that only showed a quarter of the truth. It totally misrepresents the facts that led the Ethiopian government to undertake a law enforcement mission in the Tigrai region of Ethiopia.

Here is what the article says about the reason why Abiy ordered a “military operation” against the TPLF: “But in early November Mr. Abiy ordered military operations and airstrikes in Tigray, a region whose leaders had defied him by proceeding with an election that had been called off because of the pandemic.”

Obviously, the situation is more complex than what the writer depicted. There were many developments that the writer purposefully ignored because it doesn’t serve the writer’s obvious agenda of ridiculing the recent decisions of the Nobel Peace Prize committee. To mention a few a few of these developments: the government alleges and independent sources confirm and even the TPLF itself boastfully admitted that the TPLF attacked federal military camps killing soldiers and seizing many federal military bases and artilleries including some short-range missiles (if the writer did some digging he would have realized that TPLF’s mouthpiece Getachew K Reda and another high ranking official by the name Secutre Getachew are on tape confirming that they preemptively attacked the country’s military base and are capable of firing missiles that could reach Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa); 500+ mostly ethnic Amhara unarmed innocent civilians were recently massacred by the TPLF in Tigrai region; there were similar series of killings of again innocent and unarmed Amharas and other Ethiopians in different parts of Ethiopia which the Federal government is accusing the TPLF of orchestrating; the TPLF, for the last two years, has refused to turn in criminals accused of gross violations of human rights and corruption to the Federal government; the Tigrai region is currently being led by the military warlords that have committed so many war crimes and human rights abuses in Ethiopia for 27 years prior to Abiy’s term in office; the so called election the author is referring to in the article ended with the ruling TPLF winning 99.9 percent of the votes. Most of these facts have been verified by independent media outlets.

Did the author of the article mention any of these FACTS? Of course not! Who cares about the detail?! Facts were swept under the rug to make the headline attractive. Facts were sacrificed for a catchy headline. It’s almost as if CONTEXT doesn’t matter anymore- FACTS don’t matter anymore. The author wanted his readers to believe that Abiy, the Nobel Laurette, just woke up one morning and decided to wage war on his own people. This is Yellow Journalism at its best.

Does the writer of the article know anything about Ethiopia? Did he even bother to do a few minutes of research before writing the article? Has he bothered to reach out to the Ethiopian government and asked for its side of the story?

All of the facts I mentioned above have everything to do with the law enforcement mission Abiy’s government is undertaking in the Tigrai region against the TPLF and the criminals hiding in Mekelle. The selective outrage displayed in this article is so hypocritical of the New York Times and a complete and utter failure of professional journalism. Such dubious misrepresentations and intentional omissions display sub-standard click-journalism and media sensationalism the likes of which is common among modern day amateur YouTube broadcasters.

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