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ETV Ad - Agazi Operation

Amharic Keyboard, a standalone app which allows you to email, sms and more in Amharic.
ETV Ad - Agazi Operation

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Posted: by [6b528e1c] Who is this(2012-01-17 20:58)
yow can you go to school and learn some manners how can you say fuck its dirty word like you...anyways dont waste ur time weyane is well organized he will lead u till ur grave..mehayem
Posted: by commenter (2011-11-22 13:48)
fuck u fuck u ......weyan
Posted: by nasi (2009-03-03 06:24)
Muslim and film are enemy each other true history and folse are not living together pleas dont call as call others non belivers pease whith true

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ETV Ad - Agazi Operation

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