[New Remix] Zeritu Kebede - Ewnetegna Fikre

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Zeritu Kebede - Ewnetegna Fikre


Ethiopian Calling


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commenter - 816 days ago

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commenter - 1214 days ago
I smell kush thru the screen ;) Tho I like it
commenter - 1755 days ago
በታም ያንራል ዋው!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
commenter - 2019 days ago
great music composition .... worst singer...Zeritu killed the music ...
commenter - 2031 days ago
I Am Writing This With 100% Confident That Nobody Can't Song This Music In Studio Better Than Zeritu.She Is The Best.
commenter - 2034 days ago
Zerituye we love you, I have to remind all the haters that she sang this live at sheger fm if I'm not mistaken and I must say for a live performance she nailed it. Again much love zerituka
commenter - 2036 days ago
ምን : ትለፋደዳለች
commenter - 2036 days ago
Other Girl better than you!!
commenter - 2036 days ago
too ugle
commenter - 2036 days ago
I appreciate the guys who did the music arrangement , but Zeritu killed the music...