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Gebru Asrat's Speech at the MEDREK Public meeting in Washington DC, April 18, 2010

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Posted: by [a96fb5f6] Who is this(2012-04-11 16:40)
የሌባ መአት ተሰብስቦ ያፌዛል
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-24 17:39)
በ ር ቱ
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-22 15:09)
እሩ ዶ/ር ብርሃኑ ነጋ የት ገባ? ለምን ከነዚህ ጋር አልተገናኘም? ድምጹን አጠፋ::
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-22 14:43)
ታድያስ: ኑሮ: እንደት ነው?
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-22 11:27)
port..port...port...that is want you want...eritrean land...you wish!....love eritrea
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-22 11:23)
did he say ASAB port belongs 2ethiopia? what a dreamer, we fought for 30 years 2free eritrea...tens of thousndes of poor ethio men died for no reason and failed 2colonize eritrea...medrek wants another war...there are many countrys without port in the world...think about using asab port by paying for da service 2the eritrean gov...be sivilized ur in 21st century u r narrow minded ppl...port=peace dats bullshit...uhhh ethiopian politics...long live eritrea!
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-21 11:48)
አቶ ንጋሶም የግዛብሂር በግ ናችው ስየናገብሩም ደም ያልጥገቡ መዥገሮች....ቢያጥቡት እቦጭ አለ ያገራችን ሰው: ኣክራሪ ዘረኟ ትግራዮች የኢሃዲግ ቅጥረኟ የፊልም ዳይሪክተሮች:ከበስተጀርባ ያው ኢሃዲግ ናችሁ
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-21 07:32)
fuck them all hodame becha
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-20 22:57)
wey gude. Gebru ayenun afeto tegelbeto meta?
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-20 22:45)
ህዝባችን ሃገር በዳዮችን በይቅርታ ተቀብሎ ቂማቸውን ይወቱ ዘንድ መድረክን መፈለግ ህዝብ መናቅ ነው
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-20 22:17)
! THANKYOUGOD! b/c my LORD pay them backfor seye and gebru,they deport family 2 eritrea& they put us in the jail fr5 suffering years frm1998- 2003,BESEFRKEW YESFERLHAL,BEFREDKEWM YEFERDBHAL,finally he get the same things they throw him prison& he follow us to USA.He says,YESLTAN TEMAT YELBGNEM lol u wnna get that chair again2revenge,how eri& ethio ppls forgive u?kkkk

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Gebru Asrat's Speech at the MEDREK Public meeting in Washington DC, April 18, 2010

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