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Opening of MEDREK Public meeting in Washington DC, April 18, 2010

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Posted: by commenter (2010-04-23 12:15)
Too much he/she,
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-20 08:03)
look the commenter below how much he is a child woyane,sorry 4 u
in recent days one word is enough to understand every corner
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-19 20:57)
Anyone coming from anywhere is claiming to be a political leader these days. Something not given attention is that: who that person is in his/her personal life, what achievements he/she has done in personal life, what positive contribution he/she made towards helping the poor Ethiopians (This shouldn't include career claimed as politician) instead something served as a teacher, physician, or similar back in Ethiopia, what credential as a group or party leader, why was interested to be in political arena (other than self interest), but should provide something convincing, etc. We can come up with list of plausible metrics to evaluate so called “Politicians”. People! Don't we have to look and consider these and others seriously? Just like, say for example, we are concerned about education standards in Ethiopia; don't we have to check and bring some standards to the so called political leaders? Do we accept anybody claiming to be against Woyane as our leader? I have seen so far singers, comedians, chemist, engineers, etc. claiming to be political leaders. The very act that they come on the stage and putting words on solution to political problems in Ethiopia, I guess makes them by default, sort of leaders. They somehow organize kind of political party and later are seen disintegrating due to internal power struggle. If I am a schmoozer and tomorrow I tell you I fight Woyane, Will you accept my leadership? That is what happening now. People, out of nowhere, come and assume leadership role. Are we confident enough to handle them power to lead 80 million people. They are not angels to deliver all the 80 million out of poverty and backwardness. They can do mistakes and can even be worse than Woyane. They don’t even have a solution set to relieve their people out of misery and poverty. All what they say is getting rid of Woyane. Assume they did! What comes next? My guess is that they start from the scratch as Woyane did, struggle on leadership 101, and torture their people in the never ending story. So what do we need to know and make sure about the self proclaimed leaders?

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Opening of MEDREK Public meeting in Washington DC, April 18, 2010

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