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Posted: by [b11158e9] Who is this(2014-05-02 16:56)
Posted: by [7a7711f7] Who is this(2014-02-14 15:52)
Posted: by [09bf6c2e] Who is this(2013-08-24 03:28)
ESAT stnads for truth not for lies. I want this progman in my life and forever. thank u
Posted: by [8a1f99bc] Who is this(2012-09-14 01:29)
who is this girl? she must have a family to appear on the show
Posted: by [d513f8ae] Who is this(2012-07-04 15:24)
Dear Esat
I highly appretiate the role you guys are playing in building a better Ethiopia. This being said I also would like to comment on the way you guys are tackling the issue of dictatorship in Ethiopia. We all know that Esat is banned from Ethiopia but others like BBC, CNN, etc are not so far atleast. My question to you is that is there anyway that you guys can use this tools to expose the ethnic based animals in power?Or may be there is another option other than this if this sounds too foolish? Another approach might be to push the American government to stop supporting the devil in Ethiopia. The only way the struggle can achieve its goal is if we include the people in Ethiopia within the struggle.
Posted: by [d5d7036b] Who is this(2012-05-16 10:47)
Posted: by [d8870301] Who is this(2012-02-15 12:26)
once woyane claimed that they are a liberaters of Tigre land,why don't then sell their dried salty land to indians and chines??????????Because it is useless as themselves used to be.Is it not a crime to sell someone elses property to foriegners???Or in other words they are colonising Ethiopia indirectly for thier sponcers,(old colonial powers who were not succeeded to colonise the country?)thank you.
Posted: by commenter (2010-05-29 03:27)
It is good for us(living in ETHIOPIA)but noe it is stoped .How was the problem?we can`t see the TV.Because we didn`t get nuteral news,therfore it is fine alternative.
Posted: by commenter (2010-05-20 06:59)
Thank you a lot ESAT. Well done I will support you financially. I was amazed to read people saying we don't need no more tv channels. Please wake up and leave the life of 21st century otherwise you will rotten and die soon.
Posted: by commenter (2010-05-18 08:41)
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-15 15:54)
Good start and I hope you will be true to your ideals and also will expand to include atleast a few major languages of Ethiopia. Today you cannot pretend that there is only one language that is dominant in Ethiopia. So to be what you want to be aim high and not blinded by old ways of thinking..new age ethiopia needs new thinkers and actors.
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-15 11:02)
why in neftegna language?????????????????????????
fuck esat!
Posted: by Oromia (2010-04-15 09:36)
I have no hate for this ESAT but it will not last just watch and see.It will not last b/c it costs a lot of money to operat ESAT or any TV station.If the ethiopian business owners don't buy air time to supporet it to stays on air more than 6 monthes I am wrong.It will be way cheaper to ran a radio station 24/7 with a computer and it can reach more than 40 million people in Ethiopia also anybody can buy a radio.If ESAT plan is to reach people back home forget it.. nobody has money to buy tv and anything else that goes along with to watch EESAT.Th only people that have money are TPLF members and their families.ESAT good luck i hope before you blow all your money on this crap you use your money to start a radio station.
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-15 07:49)
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-15 01:29)
A best option for Ethiopians who were bored to death by ETV . For sure it is An alternative media for all Ethiopians . Two thumps up for founders and ppl who works hard to make the idea real.
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-14 21:15)
ESAT is not only going to be another head ache for meles, it will burn him. One more evidence that no dictator is capable of controlling that many people for so long. They will burn you alive. Let be the Ethiopian people free or burn to death.
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-14 19:43)
Last time they had Ethiopian Television Network.They collected money in advance from the foolish vocal diasporas and later they declared bankruptcy.When they were asked to return the money,they said that they used the money to fight against EPRDF.What a bunch of dumbs and garbage people are these idiots.

Sir Thomas H
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-14 17:52)
waw finaly we get free free Satlite Tv OMG we are going to be free from our life time sentecne to watch the stinky ETV. weyane start worry ; go and plan to jum:
wayane sucks really sucks
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-14 17:46)

Posted: by commenter (2010-04-14 17:01)
BULL CRAP!! Like the poster below said, Burtikan Mideksa is their website logo. They are notnot independent -- this is tV for NEFTEGNOCH who want to see violence in Ethiopia. No thank you, we believe the law is supreme, not individuals like Birtukan.
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-14 16:53)
We don't need.. We already got.. ETV free!!
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-14 16:49)

This can't be an independent satellite TV. I just saw their website. Their website LOGO(Main Symbol) is Birtukan Medekssa. Anyone which uses a very partisan person as Birtukan as their logo can't be independent. ESAT you are not fooling anyone -- you are a mouthpiece of the opposition hoping to make an impact in the upcoming election by pretending to be professional and objective. Forget all the bull crap -- you are the voice of the opposition just like the unprofessional, partisan VOA Amharic. Stop insuting our intelligence. It’s unbecoming.

I will not be surprised the founding board members are people like Dr. Berhanu, Alemayehe and Tamagne -- a bunch of extremists, anti-development and Anti-Ethiopia.

Posted: by commenter (2010-04-14 15:56)
wow vivaaaaaaaaaaaa esat
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-14 07:41)
Thanks ESAT!
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-14 07:40)
They say, hard work will show in its result. Thank you ESAT!
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-14 07:39)
Who are you people? If you truly stand for free media, i am behined you 100%. This is exactly what we need. Thanks!

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