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Ethiopian Election 1997

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Posted: by commenter (2010-05-01 01:22)
during election
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-09 21:28)
This just shows Kinijit fooled a lot of gullibe people in Addis -- that's all. The Ethiopian people are a lot smarter now -- they know now who is really on their side and upto the job, and who is not. They have learned now EPRDF is not what KINIJIT said and that KINIJIT and most of the oppsition were and are still unfit, unqalified to lead Ethiopia.
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-08 04:07)
so what is ur point ur there bc meles aloud u to be there not bc ur gegna.like there are a people who support opposition there are alsow who suport eprdf but ur part never want to hear this only he want to hear that eprdf have to give him his power but after even they dont have any thing to do just they want to be in power after nothing so pleas wake up dont be sleaping steal
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-07 19:05)
I was there when this happened. We scared Meles to death. He said he can't see this kind of staff again. He can't stand the truth. After this day, no more demonstration in Ethiopia at all. Meles is fessame weyane. He is scared of the Ethiopian people voice and opinion. Well, we will voice our opinion from all over the world and drive him crazy. He is already showing a singe of craziness even to Americans, let alone to Ethiopians. We will see how that would work for him in the long run.
Posted: by AddisTube (2010-04-07 10:36)
just a reminder

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Ethiopian Election 1997

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