Documentary on the Raya-Azebo Oromo of Oromia's Northermost Territory

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Documentary on the Raya-Azebo Oromo of Oromia's Northermost Territory Part one



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commenter - 808 days ago
Ramayana kan............
commenter - 1719 days ago
.... boy what are u talking about respect every body I am rayya but I feel like Oromo because that my where my ancestor come from but mommy is Tigre so pls chill out ok be nice.
commenter - 1753 days ago
assholes manew Rayan oromo yadergew! tinbatam gallioch! kurachchu enkwan rayan ayemeselem! yehonachu 4 meazen negroch ayedelachihum ende! tinb galla hula!
commenter - 2155 days ago
Eritrean propaganda
commenter - 2234 days ago
Voices from the past:

...Menelek's dying wish was for Lij Eyasu (his 13 year old grandson) to be the next emperor of Ethiopia, and this was made public in 1909 when he suffered a stroke (other people were in line for the succession, including Menelik's own son and daughter and other relatives, but Menelek chose Lij Eyasu).

...So, as he had wished, when Menelik died in 1913, Lij Eyasu (an Oromo) became the next Emperor of Ethiopia (1913 - 1916)at the age of 16. When I read Ethiopian history like this, it brings tears to my eyes, even with all its faults. If I were an Oromo, I would never, ever let anyone take Ethiopia or its history away from me, grievance and all, let alone give it away with a misguided desire for separation.

The Oromo people, same as the tigray, the Amara and all other groups of Ethiopia were victims of an insidious form of governing called Feudalism. I choose to see Ethiopia's past in this context, instead of ethnicity. To the extent ethnic division facilitated fuedalsim, it was used. To the extent depriving someone of education facilitated fuedalsim, it was used, but the engine that drove all of it was fuedalism.

Here is my understanding of Fuedalism: I take away your land; by force, if necessary. Still, I am nice enough to let you work on "my land". (its not important that the land used to belong to you; now its mine) The working arrangements are simple; whatever you produce, I take 2/3 and you keep 1/3. You have no other rights. As ridiculas as it sounds, this is feudalism in action, at least as I understand it.

This system applied to all tribes of ethiopia; amaras, oromos, tigrayans, etc. and there were a ton of grieved people.

The people who perpetrated this system are long gone. Those of you who are old enough and were direct victims of this system may take some comfort in the manner the system ended, but its time to move forward. The majority of Ethiopia's population today had no part in that crime, and were not even born, even 20 years after it ended. Let it go and let us not burden the new generation. To the new generation, I say, acknowlege it as part of your history, reject it, and send it to the trash bin of history.

Country means hurt and all but you never, ever, give up on your country. In case some people think Ethiopia and Oromia are not the same, I have grudgingly emphasized the ethnicity of our forefathers in presenting snap-shot of our history (only to make a point).

Here is an example:

"...Negus Mikael of Wollo - was born Mohammed Oromo from Wollo...His father was Imam Ali Abba Bula and his mother was Woizera Getie...was a relative of Queen Worqitu of Wollo. Queen Worqitu befriended a young Shewan named Sahle Maryam...In time, Sahle Maryam was proclaimed Emperor Menelik II...Menelik appointed Mohammed Ali as governor of Wollo...Mohammed Ali married Menelik's eldest daughter...founded Dessie...father of Lij Eyasu...following Menelik's death in 1913, Mohammed ali's son, Lij Iyasu, ascended as Iyasu V", Emperor of Ethiopia (king of all kings; an Oromo).

How would one explain this if they think it was based solely on ethnicity?

Tell me if the following is not a colorful and brave history of Ethiopia:

"...his response" (Mohammed Ali's response) "to" (his son) "Iyasu being deposed was swift...On 7 October, Negus Mikael" (Mohammed Ali - an Oromo from Wollo) "set out from Wollo at the head of "an army of 80,000 men" (imagine! 80,000 men) "to invade Shewa and to reinstate his son", Emperor Iyasu V (an Oromo)..."source: wikipedia: Mikael of Wollo.

Please note that I am the one who emphasized ethnicity in the above paragraphs to make a point, not wekipedia, but the facts are true. When I read this, I am struck with how brave our ancestors were, for their willingness to stand and die for what they believed in (in the context of feudalism). It is us who dishonor them if we choose to see ourselves as victims. If you are an Oromo, claim the whole of Ethiopia as your country and let the Amaras claim the whole of Ethiopia and let the Tigrayans claim the whole of Ethiopia, and let the whole 80 tribes of Ethiopia claim her as their own and then we truly become one brave nation.

For those who insist our history is something else, here is another example of what historians write:

"Both ethnically mixed Oromos and those with full Oromo descent held high leadership positions in Ethiopia. Notably Iyasu V was the designated but uncrowned Emperor of Ethiopia (1913–1916) while Haile Selassie I was the crowned and generally aknowledged Emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974. Both these Ethiopian Emperors are ethnically mixed, with Oromo parents and lineages." source: wikepedia: oromo people.

for real...HaileSellasie I was an Oromo???? God bless Ethiopia and may you live forever. May your forefathers rest in peace, even with all their faults.
selina - 2329 days ago
Let's wait a little and these people will tell us "Melese is Oromo"