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ETV News - Artist Tagay Eyasu Berhe passed away today : Tigrigna

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Posted: by [e97db168] Who is this(2011-12-23 16:10)
Posted: by commenter (2010-09-15 06:08)
so what how many stupied weyanes are still alive?what is the big deal?
Posted: by commenter (2010-07-07 09:47)
Wey gud min endeserah alawkim le Ethiopia bihonim wede ewnetu hedk engedih. Le Fetarih tiyaqe litimelis eyasu berhe. My condolences to his familly. My advice for all woyanes to repent by the way.
Posted: by commenter (2010-05-08 16:41)
ከመይ ገርካ تش ትጽሕፍ
Posted: by Nebil (2010-01-20 09:14)
R.I.P Man
Posted: by WerkawitHaben (2010-01-20 07:52)
@ Bini,
you are really brain washed citizen! stupid don't say I am Tigraway! we don't have such heartless and stupid who think low life as morons. I don't think really about your ethinic being you are Tigrian .b/se, I have never been informed such stupid person in my life may be you are one of these banda who hate the wellbeing of the Great Tigray people. Mind you, let's say your evil wishes are true on the ground,but, do you think that woyane is died at all? Not at all! Really,I feel sorry about you! b/se,you don't have a knowledge on the ground about the fact that who is Weyane and what is weyane mean ? that is why,you are not Tigrian!pls,be proude on your own ethinic who u are! as a matter of fact,you are no longer Tigrian! don't reply shit on this site!

Posted: by WerkawitHaben (2010-01-19 14:31)
You were every thing! we missedddddddddddd you! may the Almighty GOD your soul rest in heaven!you will be remembered for ever in the heart of the people!!!RIP ARTIST TEGADALAY EYASU BERHE!!!
Posted: by WerkawitHaben (2010-01-19 14:24)
May GOD your soul rest in heaven peacefully!!!

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ETV News - Artist Tagay Eyasu Berhe passed away today : Tigrigna

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