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TPLF Diplomats rediculed in the Netherlands Part 3

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Posted: by [bc34b4b9] Who is this(2012-04-14 14:34)
"ሆላንድ ዉስጥ ያላችሁ" ያልከው ሃያ አመት ሙሉ አዳመጥናችሁ አገር ከማጥፋት በስተቀር ምንም አልሰራችሁም ስለዚህ ነው አንሰማችሁም የምንለው ገባህ የኔ ደደብ
Posted: by commenter (2010-05-18 13:39)
the one who posted ( though 3 of u) just look it to u'r self how u "mendere" u are i don't think u can speak 4 the poor Ethiopian people, grow up kids.
Posted: by commenter (2010-05-17 09:12)
any body can see that it was group work and u did it on purposes,u think u are modern?
Posted: by commenter (2010-05-14 18:03)
ሆላንድ ውስጥ ያላችሁ በዉንቱ የማትደማምጡ ደንቆረኦ በሆናችሁ እንካን አገር ልታስደድሩ ቀርቶ እራሳችሁን ለማስተዳድር አትችሉም ምክንያቱም አትደማመጡም በጣም የስዉን ማክበር ባህላችንን የሰለጠነችሁ ምስሎአችሁ አንድ ቁም ነገር ሳትነጋገሩ በጭቅችቅ ግዚዉን አበልሻችሁት ከሁሉ በፍት ማዳምጥን የምሰለ ነገር ስለሊለ አዳምጡ:;
Posted: by commenter (2010-05-10 07:01)
ሆን ብሎው ስብሰባው ለመበጥበጥ ትዝጋጅተው የመጡ ናችው ከዚያም ቭድዮውን ፖስት ያደረጉት እነሱ ናችው
Posted: by life123 (2010-01-07 14:13)
Dedeboch!!! Sira fetoch be Europe. These groups have no point at all. by hook by crook, it is government and they should respect that.

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TPLF Diplomats rediculed in the Netherlands Part 3

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