Melse and the word "Ethiopia"

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Melse and the word "Ethiopia"



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commenter - 666 days ago
empty vessel makes too much noises .leave him alone stone head your own life ....try 2 help your poor mother ....yeh gomma kitta yasefawun afehen ...MacDonald mulabet in peace .
commenter - 2245 days ago
Abo mognihin felig. Lets here the answers from the Horses Mouth!!! Not your cheap propoganda
Eritrawiwguragie - 2339 days ago
I lived in USA for almost 20 years now. Lately I start reading and viewing Ethiopian politico stupido web sites. I call them politico stupido in a sense because all of them are same in content but displayed in different web sites.

The analogy, facts, topics and issues the raise is like flies hatched from similar eggs. All just like flies hatched to gang up and settle in a known poop.

I am telling you in my life in United states I have been reading books in vivil right movement. I have seen documentary films. I have viewd talked to many politicians from right wing and left wings. I have talked to white monority, Black movement leaders. I have even talked to extreme left wing Americans.

In America people talk to you with sincerity and honesty and it is very easy to understand what they mean. They say it from heart period.

It made me mad and I have gone to argument and fight many times when I hear Ethiopian politicians in diaspora equating themselves with great people like Mandella, Martin Luther King, Rosa Park, Georoge Washington and others. They do not feel any shame at all to put themselves on others big golden chairs.

World forgive us and do not judge us by this stupid stupido politico bastards. If you want to learn about real Ethiopia learn from the ground back in home. Every one here is in political prostitution.

Shamefully we are flies on a poop.

Best - 2342 days ago
Ato,Meles zenawi you did so well all of the 19 years you were PM You made a really good diffrence I hope you get elected again in 2010 even though im in a America i cant vote for you everybody who reads this comment please vote for Meles Zenawi he is really educated and quality human in All of Africa the climate will change in all of Africa I hope everybody stays safe god bless you Meless Zenawi.