Comedy - Essayas Arega - Happ New Year Message

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Comedy - Essayas Arega - Happ New Year Message


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commenter - 392 days ago
Ilike it its just joke .
commenter - 1301 days ago
come on this is just for fun and take it easy
commenter - 1335 days ago
commenter - 1737 days ago
like it
commenter - 1772 days ago
commenter - 1772 days ago
whats wrong with you guys? it is only joke for Gods sake. And it is a nice joke. See it only that way. inferiority complex doesn't take you so far....
commenter - 1876 days ago
not even funny!
commenter - 1986 days ago
አንተ? ቀልድ መሆኑ ነው...እራስህ እንደገና እየው....ያስለቅሳል እንጂ ያናድዳል እንጂ አያስቅም
ewnetue - 2247 days ago
Ted25 I hope u r oromo just enjoy the fun part don't c the other side. If so u r koletame neger, phycological chegere selalebehe erasehene mermere. All of us r humans u need to think that way.

Ma men Esayase keep it up, u need only some feedback.

Ted25 - 2248 days ago
I fill bad for the people who represent this stupied agly ass guy i swear kkkkkkk.. Let me Tell u every one this guy i heard he used to live /or he is in boston righ now but i heard zat whole foods gubto siserk teizoal ,abesha yiribewal enji lehodu aisekim serteh atbelam ,, demo keldih hulu yidebral ene anten bihon endzi midea lay alkerbim MUT...MAFERIA
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