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The life and health condition of artist Tamirat Mola - Part 2

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Posted: by [a7777c98] Who is this(2013-02-16 16:40)
My brother, your explanation regarding Lukemia is so wonderful. Thank you very much. It's very educational. I just want to make one simple correction: "spleen" is not kosht it's tafia. If I'm not mistaken "Tafia" is pancreas.
Posted: by [2462848b] Who is this(2013-02-11 16:04)
ahon Tamirat yemyakil sew bante aff yteyek? dedeb maferya
Posted: by [5a59daf8] Who is this(2012-09-01 18:15)
Please don't do it anymore this kind of interview you not good at it. You need more interview skills. You know what I mean very ugly.
Posted: by [f1de2898] Who is this(2012-04-19 15:35)
This journalist,is he doing his externship practice. the Amharic seems his 3rd language.Shame on you//"Bisbis diaspora"Wone kaleh yechalkewin betelegis yeshal neber.Lerasih bemigeba satimar lemaster timokiraleh//Maferia,
Posted: by commenter (2010-07-28 08:19)
Wow....This is amazing. I am a nursing student and soon I will be an RN and I always wondered how I would explain many of the disease and side effects and medication and how they work to the Ethiopian people. He did a great job explaining what Leukemia is although some of the words are still in English.

Most medical words are in English around the globe, but how come Ethiopian medical schools have not translated them into the languages that majority of the citizens of Ethiopia can understand? How would you treat and explain whats going on in their body to a patient who comes from the countryside who does not know a single word in English? If any medical students or who are more knowledgeable enough to answer my question, please respond.

P.S...If there are any medical word translations in Amharic that you know of, please let me know.
Posted: by commenter (2010-06-27 05:03)
the Doctor, plzz u are in the wrong place.u shouldnt have posted this video u have some friends.it is not interesting.
Posted: by endertawaay (2009-11-03 11:19)
Betam yemigerm asafare new yehe demo...I don't fkin understand why he is pretending like he forgotten amharic...What a shameful gazetenga,hahahah...Demo yemigermew amharic is almost office language in US.
Posted: by Senay (2009-10-30 09:18)
Where are you from Mr Forgotten Amharic Word. Shame on you. In USA, Amharic is the 2nd.
Posted: by ewnetue (2009-09-08 13:13)
kelteme erase!!! Why don't u open a school rather than making an interview. Fesame, keye sere bela. For ur feedback don't make seach explanation at the time of interview, make it in other location. They r paitent to listen to u. tushe tula

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Artist Tamirat Mola

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