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Pastor Dawit- Yemigebabet Atta

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Posted: by [84d9ae94] Who is this(2014-12-30 10:05)
Yejegnaw YE EYESUS lijoch mezmur new.

Posted: by [a1942e85] Who is this(2012-09-04 00:24)
Paster dave we loves you! God bles you more & more
Posted: by [9ca68aa9] Who is this(2012-07-04 11:34)
seytan yemigebabet atta
Posted: by [63deb872] Who is this(2012-05-19 11:03)
manew migebabet yataw
Posted: by [80e3c8c9] Who is this(2012-04-21 19:23)
wonderful wonderful thousand times
Posted: by [4c53a3e5] Who is this(2012-03-11 15:02)
geta yebarkhe enwadehalene
Posted: by [edbfad50] Who is this(2012-01-20 13:14)
zes is z real ethiopian berekt
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-31 06:29)
this days there is no need to go here and there to check bible and the likes you can see what a failure to the society had brought this protestant thing in countries like sweden.
where more than 80% are protestant but they are all in all athetist
dont disturb our society
it is sure you are doing your business pls try some other thing
Posted: by commenter (2010-07-06 03:52)
hi paster dawit i wish a bright future until i mate you next e-mail your brother samuel kebede
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-18 18:31)
pente was founded by two americans charles parham & william j.seymour in early 1900 (100 year ago), check on www.wikipedia.com , but pentes do not tell u this when they preach, why?pentes do not want u to know the truth. just like Jehovah witness...and others it was founded by individual people with there own ideology. pente በሁለት አሜሪካውያን የዛሬ 100 አመት ነዉ የተመስረተው ለምን ስው የፈጥረውን ሃሳብ ትከተላላችሁ ከላይ እንዳልኩት...ይሔንን ግን አይሰብኩም ከየት እንደሆነ
Posted: by spiritword (2009-08-01 03:52)
Bereket's arrangement is amazing. He is a very gifted musician. Excellent work.

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Added: 31-07-2009
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Music Composition- Bereket Tesfaye

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