Ethiopian Traditional Dance and Music

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Ethiopian Traditional Dance and Music


Ethiopian Calling


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commenter - 400 days ago
እትሆፒአን ኮንኮአም ባሂሊም ታሪኪም የለላት ሃገር አደረጋችሂሁ.
commenter - 531 days ago
bakachu ethiopian music eyalachu gurage tigre minamin oromo ouuu bakachu tewun tewun besime ethiopia atalazinubin tinish eshi mechem yihun guragigna beterefe joroachin yasfeligenal bacachu
commenter - 824 days ago

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commenter - 1403 days ago
abedo keyar
commenter - 1437 days ago
Too painful
commenter - 1862 days ago
ሰላም ለ ብሩካቸው እንደት ነህ ፋሲካን ጠየከው ወይ
commenter - 1977 days ago
not good