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Kassahun Taye - Hagere Semen

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Posted: by commenter (2010-07-23 02:09)
ethiopia...gonder....semen gonder....ye tedros ager, fucked up amhara.... chigaram
Posted: by Dulaw (2009-06-01 13:25)
Why u say Gonedere is Proud.Who is not proud of himself.Every body is proud of who he is!
Posted: by wekkaw (2009-05-29 11:41)
Endiaa... Endiaaa... Endieaaa .. .ekiss...eskiss maaaan this dope! Another hit from Kassahun, abo yibarkih!
Posted: by go2009 (2009-05-28 21:03)
በጐንደሬነቱ የማይኮራ እሱ ጐንደሬ አይደለም
እኔ ግን ኮራሁ!!!!!
gondaran means to be proud. It means to stand up for what you believe in and to fight for it. Gondaran also means to have freedoms to do what you wish, to practice your own religious ceremonies, customs, and beliefs.still we have that sprit in every gondaran blood!!

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Added: 28-05-2009
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A traditional amharic music about gonder preformed by the talented Kassahun Taye.

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