The History of Islam in Ethiopia - Part 4[Final]

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The History of Islam in Ethiopia - Part 4[Final]


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commenter - 1078 days ago
yehizbu bizat yasedesetal MashaAllah..ahun demo andinetachin stenaker yebelete AllahuAkbar !!!!
commenter - 1244 days ago
ethiopia 80 ethnic two major relgion islam and christian in ethiopia majioritey is islam how ever the west media and leadershib reject that history ethiopia is alley to west and to jewish state the muslim comunitey how ever get strong with new genaration it is amatter of time the majioritey will the counitrey.
commenter - 1295 days ago
masha allhe allah yabezane betam des yelale
commenter - 1703 days ago
all religions including Christian and Islam in Ethiopia came from other places so ethiopia is the land of ethiopian muslims and ethiopian christian
commenter - 1906 days ago
Who the fuck cares if islam has it's root history in Ethiopia, The fact is You guys are not trust able! we gave you the Refugee from prosecution by your own people and you came and distorted our peace full country and beloved Christian Religion. Don't forget you killed so many Ethiopians and pulled the country 200 years behind. So I say to you if you were not treated equally is not because of your Religion or Color or Race it is because of the fanatic and unpatriotic behaviors that Islamic religion followers exhibited and molded in to Ethiopian History. So I say to you, unless you stop being arrogant and denial of the fact, Cristian Ethiopians will remember for ever and we will kick your ass back to Mecha.
cchebude - 2220 days ago

The dark ages in the view point of Christians including myself is the time when Muslims were ruling Ethiopia - burning churches, destroying the right of a group of people to practice their own religion, and of historical artifacts. Muslims in Ethiopia have long forgotten the most hospitable treatment they were given by our Christian king.

It is saddening to see how far Ethiopian Muslims are detached from reality. How can people expect Muslims to be part of the political system if their priority is not country first. If their priority is the implementation of Sharia thereby taking away every right a person may have.

Ethiopian Muslims are going against the word of Mohammad. They are supposed not to raise a single hand in harming their Christian brothers. Their religion demands that.

As for the claim that Ethiopians came from Middle east I will say this. Ethiopia was a kingdom long before even Mohammed was born. The Axum kingdom used to mint coin in gold and silver. Not only did the kingdom have a modern currency system by current standards, but also had a judiciary system. There is a long history of Ethiopia beating Yemen's ass for centuries. I have Yemen friends who know this fact for sure. And if there is little resemblance, obviously liberal people like Ethiopian Christians may have married some of the people they subjugated around that region.
SEWYEW - 2345 days ago
Extremisem is flourishing in the name of equality and right. Next time you are going to ask Ethiopia to be member of Arab league as if you are Arabs. Being a muslim and being an arab are quite different. There was much better religious freedom in Ethiopia 100 years ago than in today's Saudi and Iran. Be reasonable and logical.
Lizarazu - 2358 days ago
tobe............I don't know how u just forwarded any word that comes to your mind.............I am sorry, i don't think that are from your mind......any ways i suggest you read more because i can easily see how bad you are in crammer...........don't give up, it can be improved from reading............i also suggest read and compare the bible that you have and the holly quran about the rights of women and u can reach at knowing which one stands for them...........Ethiopian christians played the major role in Islam and anybody can follow whatever religion s/he wants to follow. The violence you repeatedly mentioned is not part of Islam. As history shows, violence existed at different religious and subcultural groups at some point in time. There were christian crusaders, there were a catholic violent group, the KKK's and the like.........but these don't mean that the religion they stand for says that. Tobe, if u think like a healthy human, no religion in the surface of the earth support killing of innocent humans.........peace
DADY - 2390 days ago
tobe - 2390 days ago
Asmerino i told yo show me were is the peace ?it dat yo mean at "JEHANBE"it dat yo mean islam killed an inocent people even muslim fllowers..or itdat yo mean islam like NEJA or else yo meanislam is having a blast and bombed to yo think this is a great did ..really show me were is it???