The History of Islam in Ethiopia - Part 2

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The History of Islam in Ethiopia - Part 2


Ethiopian Calling


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commenter - 1775 days ago
hihi dana
commenter - 1818 days ago
atlefelef ewnetu yewetal
tobe - 2386 days ago
Asmerino..letme ask yo one simple question which one come first 1 or 0?yo know my firend let me to tell yo facts about ant Ants are among the most amazing and fascinating creatures in the world. They are all social and live in large groups of mostly sterile sisters who work to raise the offspring of their mother, the Queen..even i may affraid a man like yo be an existed creature or not..i know islam more than yo?yo people said islam is peace?were is the peace?by the way if yo have a chance to use internet pls go to and search and checkh what is going on in islam country?..think one thing from the begining of islam there was a problem no one accepted islam but yo know what happend at dat time those people who fllowed mohhmed they putting a pressure on the local arab to accept islam in forcely...there is a lot of evidence avilable ..but for good i leave it...

so my friend i know yo people very well yo need to implment SHERA law in thre country for the future ???if yo are a real ETHIOPIA yo should respect all fellows living in ethiopia..and sttoped to corrupt our three thouthnad history..if it is so we live in togther but i dont think so this will happen???

Any how try to be mature ant is not thinkable byur nullknoweldge and try to bebelive JHA(GOD)..

Asmerino - 2386 days ago
I always admire Allah's creation. And I am really amazed that Allah Creats the difference among human-beings. I have seen alot of miracles with in my life. but i havent seen a man who cannot even think like an Aunt...Is that the maximum knowlegde you can show us. We are muslims and then Ethiopians, thats why we call ourselves muslim ethiopians, live with it. And do get me wrong but you dont even know about your religion. because if you do, you will start respecting others, or you will know the Truth, which is ISLAM.
tobe - 2387 days ago
Who build Great Anwar Mosque?H/Selase or Arab king?What H/Selase said at dat time"The country is for everybody but religion practice is individal"do yo know really 1960 revoluation?why the people protesed h/selasie?do yo know who killed at dat time(chrithan or muslim)?and do yo really knew one thing dat is the one yo intervied Sheikas..yo know our perivouse leader may made several problems by knowingly or unknowingly but inspite of this they also great a play rule for THE MOTHER LAND OF ETHIOPIA AND FOR AFRICA?Who fought with MUSLINI?is dat BILLADEN OR MOHHAMEED AL(Iranian persedint)...who protec the country from any forign fighters(is dat LEAGUE OF ARAB NATION)..Tell me yo people what yo contribute for the country?(Educ..poltics or religion ..what??..ofcourse one thing yo did..yo killed innocient chrithna mothers,old mens..childrens and,arsi,wolloe.etc)..but our chrithan people wasnt revaled the action ..coz chrithian religion is based on CHirist(Jesus) which is LOVE....