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The History of Islam in Ethiopia - Part 1

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Posted: by [ef017447] Who is this(2012-12-17 18:58)

some Christianoch atekatelu endezi
Posted: by [ca71fa8a] Who is this(2012-01-24 15:44)
masha allah ethio is blessed country
Posted: by [8b84fb9d] Who is this(2012-01-22 04:04)
migeremew egna yane betam bekewetiw seat endeza ketekebelnachehu buhala ethiopian ye muslim hager bicha lemadereg yalachuh alama betam betam yigermale...
Posted: by [8b84fb9d] Who is this(2012-01-22 03:58)
Wede Habesha meder hidu... new yalut talaqu nebey... so muslims are not habesha, right?
Posted: by commenter (2011-04-02 10:15)
ethiopia is blessed with a lot of history.
Posted: by commenter (2011-04-01 14:50)
አልሃ ይብዳህ.lol
Posted: by Asmerino (2009-05-15 16:16)
Man you are talking alot... you know why because you dont have a piece and peace of mind. You thought you know Islam, but believe me you dont. because the day you know Islam you will be one of peaceful society in Ethiopia, believe me by now may be one of your family members is thinking about turning to Islam. so Brother in Flag, just try to live with it. One day you will regret for the bad things you said about your Far ancestors religion, ISLAM. ALLAHU AKBER!!!
Posted: by tobe (2009-05-15 15:13)
Deressa "dersane ytfabeke"yo know yo may think yo did ur best but man pls go down low level class and try to overlook the situation...yoknow for ethiopia a million people scrfied thirblood and bones..ingenera them life...Ethiopia is not a simple Arab country..we ethiopians made a lot history in africa and round the world??we dont need forigners to say any thing for our people espically our beloved country..yo man i knew very well islam..in the last few decade chrthian and muslim live togther..it may have some problems but not like thecurrent one..let me ask yo one thing ,..Wats really going on now inethiopia??are yo sure islam is peace at thismoments..and pls let yo try to illustrate the following clue..just pick Xmuslim from the total Y muslim community..and ask them what X muslim this question.What is ur real image about ETHIOPIA ?were yo been during woyane stolen the vote?were yo been an innocient chrthian killed in JIMMA,ARSI,WOLO etc...let me give yo one clue by now a days some muslim populated region in ethiopia ..muslim people they put a pressure on chrthian to chnage them religion..so this a defiantion of islam ?but yo ghys said islam is a peace were is the peace ??????????????????????
Posted: by biniandbini (2009-05-15 14:39)
Please ETHIOTUBE, can you please make the Editor's pick video not to automatically start. It is really annoying and old fashioned.
Posted: by helperall (2009-05-15 12:24)
What is wrong with this?

"one guy said we will kick you out from our land" Which land?
Look christian ethiopian eyes,nose,faces, hairs ,skins and languages! are they different from that of muslims. both are so beautiful. They originated from the same land. what do you mean our land? very wicked guy.

dont you think that people existed before christianity in Ethiopia. If needed to leave the country, let us leave it together!!!!

be just and keen to rectify prejudices instead of resisting without logic.

It is better to unite irrespective of our differences in religion and tribe to change the worst conditions of the country.
Posted: by Asmerino (2009-05-15 11:21)
"Tobe" betam hulaker endehonk hulum awekebih eko, yante aynet astesaseb eko Atsewochu eske ahun binoru noro, yedro zemen sew bilew yegedluh neber. Plz respect yourself and you will be respected. Have you ever heard a conflict between muslims and Protestants or Jobas? you will never hear because every one of us earned respect, but still you dont. Shame on you, shame on you, you are not an Ethiopian,you must be felasha!!!
Posted: by deressa (2009-05-15 09:39)
Yes indeed, amen to the "Peace, Love and Respect".

Ante Tobe, domma ras, I can't blame you for the luck of your knowledge about the real history of Ethiopia, cuz we were only taught the history written by the christian atses. So go try to find an alternative sources to open your eyes, even though I highly doubt you will have the courage to accept it. Qeffo!

Jelo and Kuza, whether you like or not what's documented is the real history of Ethiopia, and the history of Islam in Ethiopia. This is not about revenge but the simple truth.
Posted: by KuZa (2009-05-15 09:17)
Amen to that, Jelo!
Posted: by Jelo (2009-05-15 04:10)
WEDAJE BESLEMENA SEM "WEJENBER" ATENZA.It is 21 centoury.We Ethiopian chrstians and muslims have got many things to deal with .that is poverty.backwardness.poor health and
BLESSING TO OUR COUNTRY ! peace,love and respect.
Posted: by tobe (2009-05-15 02:01)
Mrs deressa yo were already fucked up ..and still yo need fucking up..i dont why yo need or wish Ethiopia is rule and ruled by Muslim(Sheria)...and yo try to corrupt our three thothnads history...in ethiopia it wasnt presented Islam king..there is no history or speech ethiopia is ruled by muslim..of course we ethiopian gave the first refuge for our Real muslim borthers..I individual repect ISALM..but i strongly opposed and need to fight those who need try to corrupt our history and kill our chrithian people....let me assure yo one thing ETHIOPIA NEVER AND EVER RULE BY ISLAM LAWS..Ethiopia is the holy chrithan country next to Jeruslame..but a man like yo try to corrupt the country history....yo people is never and every bring any solution for the people...but yo may can create a problem just unspecfied and useless problem and propganad..its better to be practice ur religion unless belive me we kick yo from our country for ever

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The History of Islam in Ethiopia - Part 1

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