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Documentary - Divorce in Ethiopia

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Posted: by [9e23a692] Who is this(2012-06-08 13:44)
Divorce accompanies those who are endlessly selfish.
Posted: by [22829811] Who is this(2012-06-07 14:14)
Just don't get married so you you don't have to divorce. very simple. I have a lot of friends who get married and almost all of them whether the wife or the husband complain about their marriage. The main reason is finance & boredom. Marriage is a big commitment not a game. Divorce is very sad if children are involved.
Posted: by [49abf848] Who is this(2012-06-07 09:46)
this website is very good, you can go and see it

Posted: by [ddb5a1af] Who is this(2012-06-07 02:40)
comment below. if u got ear, just shut up and listen.
Posted: by [30ddaa90] Who is this(2012-06-06 23:23)
Who are they? Did they divorced? we need to talk the case from the horses mouse. Not from the social psychologist not from the judge. It would be a lesson for others and/or up to the audience to judge. Otherwise, it's a mere theory and judgmental opinions.

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Documentary - Divorce in Ethiopia

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