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BilisummaaTV:Jemal Ahmed Accused Of HUman Trafficking PT1

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Added: 31-03-2012
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BilisummaaTV:I am a self made business man who is very proud of what i am contributing to my country. http://www.ethiopianreview.com/content/37345 It is true that I am a business associate of Sheik Mohammed Al AMoudi, Whom I have a very great respect.Unlike ELias and his hate advocates, sheik Mohammed has been bringing billions of Dollars to Ethiopia and making a very visible change.He hires over 60000 Ethiopians in Ethiopia. He helps cure 10000 Ethiopians, whom otherwise would have been dead, by spending 100s of millions of dollar.Insulting such a godly person may sound easy to some people, who do not have a fear of god at all. There is no problem hating the current political structure of our country as should be no problem on supporting as well. But why do you hate and make defamation on people who were only successful on their work in Ethiopia. For you guys you can only be good Ethiopians if you promote hate, but if you support the political structure and contribute to the Economic growth of the country, you are public enemy number one.It is a shame that we do not have good opposition, who only oppose what is needed to be opposed.for Elias to be good Ethiopian, you have to oppose every thing what is being done hear. I have no business of employment or human traficking. http://www.ethiopianreview.com/content/37345oromianews@yahoo.com bilisummaatv@yahoo.com 2012 btvo oromia production

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