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Eritrea Woman Speaks out against Isaias Afewerki human trafficking in Sinai Egypt

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Posted: by [d100a122] Who is this(2013-11-08 11:00)
The uploader is a agame, and the girl speaking is ethiopian..Did isaias also sell 45 000 house maid to Saudia, and take the kidney from ethiopians in sinai?? There is no Ethiopian in sinai?
Posted: by [d8115c8d] Who is this(2013-09-04 23:05)
What a stupido!
Posted: by [bc34b4b9] Who is this(2013-08-25 09:34)
I don't understand what the fuck she is talking about,but I feel something though she is complaining about isaiyas am I right?
Posted: by [6adc9def] Who is this(2013-01-22 00:22)
LOL wacth 0:44 to 0:48 ien know wat to say ien even know what to say LOLOLOOLO
Posted: by [4cefdccd] Who is this(2012-11-28 10:02)
Ab Adekhum kofbelu bejakhum burukhat deKi Eritrea Aday. Abta berekhti Adena kofbelu. SEDET = WERDET. SEDET = REGHMET.
Posted: by [dbac625d] Who is this(2012-10-24 05:51)
እና ፍለተ እዙኑ ከይሰም ዚበሰ ባልካ ከፊትካ ከተስሞ ከቢድ እዩ እመበር ,ነዚ ዘይፈልት ኢሪትራዊ ኪሁሉ እልካ ዘይህሰብ እዩ : ሃየ መንሰይ ህዝብካ ኒምድሃን ተላል ተበገስ እምቢ ኒምልኪ ኒበል በሃደ
Posted: by [5b97ae55] Who is this(2012-09-02 20:44)
This beautiful young girl is as young is as isaias young daughter age. I hope his daughter watch this video and get made at her father and cut his balls.
Posted: by [b0633daa] Who is this(2012-03-16 03:34)
የት ነው ምትኖረው ? የቺ መልከመልካም ? እሱዋን ማየት ሆንዋል ሰራዬ ሰታምር
Posted: by [5473027d] Who is this(2012-03-14 19:37)
Posted: by [a5302861] Who is this(2012-03-14 17:23)
she is right if they dont give them money they take thier kidney out ,cut thier ears ....... oo eitrea is doing fine bla bla but why do ppl migrate to the west if very thing is just fine.
Posted: by [f37cea9f] Who is this(2012-03-14 12:03)
No clue what the heck she said , u r not forced to do this in Tegregna so at least u speak it in English sound u doing well and even better in Amharic kkkkk
Posted: by [1ebd8eed] Who is this(2012-03-13 20:02)
yene konjo i feel u. just marry me!
Posted: by [24ef3161] Who is this(2012-03-13 13:23)
i'm ethiopian, i like her,she is so beautiful ethiotube do you have her adress???
Posted: by [24ef3161] Who is this(2012-03-13 13:19)
eritrea 100% full of beautiful habesha.
Posted: by [24ef3161] Who is this(2012-03-13 13:15)
i'm ethiopian,my god the girl she look just like my sister!!!!! yene konjo kuret eheten. there is no difference b/n ethio and eri
Posted: by [ee72cf31] Who is this(2012-03-13 07:36)
wey gud enko ethiopay bech nber yamemsalg amharic English yamwra wey lalem eritrea engilshm ala,kkkkkkk mafrawch berasachu bahil kanka yamtekoru engilsh seltakelkela mendanw tergum endaw wady
Posted: by [a36c3f37] Who is this(2012-03-13 07:34)
Commenter faf14f6e, 3 things. It seems an Eritrean posted this video, because they apparently don't have an Ethiotube kind of community media outlet, or even if they do, the government or its supports probably control it. Therefore, the poster came here, where he or she feels most comfortable to tell us about what is going on in there. There is nothing wrong with that. Two,it's just our culture we sympethyze with those in need, and let's face it, habesha is habesha. We don't like our own kind to be mistreated the way the young people in Sinai or Meditranean do. Three. What's with the bitterness? They smuggle beer? Fine...They do that, because we have more. Praise the lord that he blessed us with more. It's better to be stolen from than to steal...Take it easy. This may be time for them to learn from their mistakes...
Posted: by [96c315e4] Who is this(2012-03-13 06:39)
ayzosh!!! hulun yemimlket AMLAK ferd ysetal AYZOON ke andit ethiopiawt enat ytsete qenu hasab.
Posted: by [faf14f6e] Who is this(2012-03-13 02:16)

Despite the fact that Eritrea has been proved to be a shit-hole without being parasitically connected to a colonizer or a sort, no wonder Eritreans still brag about Ethiopians being unable to live without them..because we keep refreshing their already exaggerated sense of self importance by talking about them when in fact we don't need to...what is wrong with us Ethiopians? They are the once who seek refuge in our country, not the other-way round. their diasporas are the once who flock to Ethiopia for vacation cos they have no place to call home, yet I have never come across a single Ethiopian who contemplates to visit Eritrea (except me) cos I had to due to family connections, which is why I know how empty their bravado is. Their entire existence relies on almost goods smuggled from Ethiopia, hope you have heard of the recent sugar crises in Addis you will find it in Asmara for 20 times the price, I myself was served a Meta beer with a label taken off in a restaurant. how do I know? cos I know how my favorite beer tastes..plus where else other than ethiopia can they smuggle beer from, bear in mind all Eritrea's neighbors except Ethiopia are Islamic countries that don't produce alcohol..Eritrea is forced by reality of economics which they didn't expect would happen as the whole independence project was calculated based on looting Ethiopia..but obviously it didn't materialize and that is why regardless of the official line (border dispute) Eritrea is desperate to directly get it's hands on the goodies they now have to smuggle...so we all by now know that even if tomorrow Eritreans decide to make peace with Ethiopia it will only be a tactical move and they will never feel the same way we feel about them, so why are we still hoping against hope and keep on taking about them as though we owe them some thing? I don't get it..really, look at it this way, how are they any important to us than say, Djiboutians,or Kenyans? if any thing, shouldn't we talk about Djiboutians or kenyas with whom we have a lot of stake?...Ok, I can understand the fact that we were once "one" people but remember there was an imbalance between the propaganda we grew up listening which was 'Love Eritreans' and the propaganda they grew up listening which was 'hate Ethiopians' and you will never know how deep rooted their hatred for ethiopia is unless you go close to them...Come on guys of all the blander Woyanee has made in regards to Eritrea we should at least give them credit for successfully proving how irrelevant Eritrea is and what Ethiopia can do without Eritrea. It is about time we move on and protect our own interest...Leeeeeeeave them alone and let them see the much cherished Eritrea for what it is...seriously this is getting ever increasingly boring!
Replied: by fg223 (2013-10-13 20:26)
You clearly have some sort of issues of your own towards Eritrea, but as you said we were once "one" and I still believe we are the same people. Yes Eritrea is in crisis right now and hopefully one day they will sort out their problems but in order to do so we all need to help the ones in need and not discriminate against each other.
Replied: by fg223 (2013-10-13 20:27)
We are all human beings and I am pretty sure if you were in there shoes you would have a completely different mentality. So you ought to stop judging and instead try to make a difference!
Posted: by [6f2ac3cb] Who is this(2012-03-12 23:43)
Commenter 7c0666e8 Thanks. We pray for those who perish in Sinai and in the sea. Their death will not be in vain. one day, everything will be alright....
Posted: by [84e1f197] Who is this(2012-03-12 23:03)
yechin barya magbat neber! konjo ayzosh ayzosh
Posted: by [7c0666e8] Who is this(2012-03-12 22:51)
to commenter below, she said why is Eritrean people supporting the terrorist government who is involved in human trafficking in the Sinai. they are selling kidneys to arabs and the people are ignoring this tragedy. She said we should stand up against the Eritrean regime for the sake of innocent young men who shed their blood fleeing Eritrea.
Posted: by [6f2ac3cb] Who is this(2012-03-12 22:32)
Dude..You understand that this is an Ethiopian media site right? At least provide us with some subtitles, so we could understand what this young girl is saying in Amharic or in English. If you want to send a message and came to Ethiopian media site to disseminate that message, it would be most helpful in our common language Amharic or English. I understand your frustration, though. God speed!

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Eritrea government is selling Eritreans at $4000 each to Rashida human smugglers to Egypt and kidnapp them for higher ransom of $30,000 in Sinai. Eritrean government PFDJ is responsible for this and to this day has not even acknowledged its happening.

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