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Eritrea Condemned On Terrorism

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Posted: by [7adfb25e] Who is this(2011-12-01 13:24)
Oh, thank you very much. I know have the basics about what ERITREA is. Above all, I can google it. Yes, you are right.One of your phrases made me smile though dude.I quote: "Men usually wear unusually pointy shape dress shoes with anything. (In fact sometimes, they even may wear those shoes with shorts...lol)". This reminds me the 16th century style in central Europe. lol. That was like a fashion at that time.Example, people like Amadeus Mozart used to wear pointy shoes sometimes even with shorts. I did not expect that this style is still in life in ERITREA.
Posted: by [f4764b06] Who is this(2011-12-01 13:21)
Tigres are the most terrorist group in the east Africa.
Posted: by [a36c3f37] Who is this(2011-12-01 06:54)
The below commenter (7adfb25e) Eritrea is a piece of land that is filled with people with severe identity crises(While half of them want to be Arabs the other half wish they were Italians) They have no idea, which category they would fall, therefore, they resent anyone and anything that happen to have a settled identity, and especially they hate and really jealous of Ethiopians, because Ethiopians never question themselves of who they are or their own identity, moreover, Ethiopians are immensely proud of their Habesha heritage, which would make Eritreans crazy. Therefore, they support any kind of terrorism to destroy Ethiopians. That's where Eritrea's terrorism label comes from. If you see them on the street, you don't miss them. Men usually wear unusually pointy shape dress shoes with anything. (In fact sometimes, they even may wear those shoes with shorts...lol) The women are rather beautiful with really bad shaped legs, and are incredibly insecure. Having a discussion with them mostly starts with a subject of the beauty of Asmara, an old Italian city, which they have ABSOLUTLY NOTHING to do in building it. Italians, when they were Eritreans' masters built that city for themselves, and never allowed any Eritrean to stay in it after certain hours, during their reign. They used to just clean the street, cook for the master and get the heck out of that city. But now you hear every Eritrean talking endlessly about that place infinitum! Very short tempered people. Love to yell. (Most of their scream constitute empty bravado about the a glory they never had) They suffer very deep inferiority complex having to search identity in all their lives, they love to throw temper tantrum and insult other people with every possible ethnic slur they can come up with. They believe insulting others and calling others names would make up for a huge void that is left in their soul by having no certain identity or even these days a country to mention. (The name of their country is synonymous with terrorism so much these days, they are having a problem sprinkling their usual bravado about the land) For the rest..google it...get it?!
Posted: by [7adfb25e] Who is this(2011-12-01 05:48)
what does eritrea mean? Is it a name of a terrorist group? I never heard of that.Is it in Somalia? guys, what is it?
Posted: by [3a08f228] Who is this(2011-11-30 17:29)
commenter [72c58a20] i love your English. it brings out the Eritrean in you. always upset and short tempered. raised in the desert with one meal a day what else can you expect from your people. your history is full of slavery and being conquered. mecha yehone yemalfelachu. all your history has been membedate. 100 years my ahmara people bedwachu. now the Arabs are going second. who knows who will be third but sure there will be another conquest. bend over and enjoy it.
Posted: by [f0165475] Who is this(2011-11-30 16:52)
Time to crush Shaebia...It was given too long and many have suffered, because of it....get rid of the Asmara bastards NOW!!!!
Posted: by [185654a7] Who is this(2011-11-30 16:18)
weyanes are worse than shabia
Posted: by [72c58a20] Who is this(2011-11-30 16:11)
fuck kenya ,woyane and us all of them are stupid .if they want to crush alshebab try it .why every time they speak about eritrea.go us maids and the devil it selv us fuck them selves

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IGAD condemns Eritrea on terrorism

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